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  1. B

    Worksheet Problem about Power (average power of a car accelerating up a hill)

    Homework Statement A 1130 kg car is initially at rest when it accelerates up a 21 m high hill. When it reaches the top of the hill it is traveling at 18 m/s. If it takes 6.5 s to reach the top of the hill, what was the average power of the car? Homework Equations W = Fd P = w/t The Attempt at...
  2. J

    Accelerator radiation protection program

    Hi everyone, I have this question attached from the ABHP exam in part B you are asked to list and justify 4 major elements for accelerator radiation protection program for this specific facility, I have written some answers which are : 1) ALARA which includes : time distance shielding source...
  3. ScienceGuy42

    Engineering Does an astrophysicist (PhD or post-doc) need computer engineering?

    Does an astrophysicist in research areas such as cosmic structure and evolution, galactic archaeology, and/or black hole phenomena require extensive skills (i.e. undergraduate degree) in computer systems engineering/computer engineering? The idea is to do a combined degree with computer...
  4. J

    A dinner plate, of mass 580 g is pushed ... find work/F

    Homework Statement A dinner plate, of mass 580 g is pushed 90.0cm along a dining room table by a constant force of F = 3.60 N directed at angle theta = 24.0 deg below the horizontal. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the plate and the table's surface is 0.440 determine a. the...
  5. H

    How to find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork?

    Homework Statement 1) find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork (cm) 2) what's the vertical distance x from the top of the pipe to the antinode above the pipe (cm) 3) find the frequency of the tuning fork (Hz) Homework Equations velocity = wavelength . frequency for pipe closed at...
  6. jlmccart03

    Total energy within a specific region.

    Homework Statement A cubical region 1.0 m on a side is located between x=0 and x=1 m. The region contains an electric field whose magnitude varies with x but is independent of y and z: E=E0(x/x0), where E0 = 32 kV/m and x0 = 6.0 m . The answer needs to be in μ J. Find the total energy in this...
  7. C

    Prereqs for learning particle physics?

    I want to start studying particle physics on my own and wanted to know what the prerequisite are? I'm in my second year of college and have finished Calc. 3 and Physics with calc. 3. I'd also be interested in textbook recommendations.
  8. I

    B Lift provided by a wing

    Hi! I have attached a small sheet of wood to a stand and then all of it to a scale. After that with a air supply I've made wind go through the "wing". Due to lift, the scale showed up a negative value. Knowing that value, is it possible to calculate the lift of the wing? Thank you
  9. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Programs To minor or not to minor?

    My first 2 years in college I was a little lost in what I wanted to do so I completed almost all of my generation ed classes. I finally realized I love physics, I am interested in astrophysics although I know I have time and opportunities to change my mind . Happily I attend a school with a...
  10. H

    Wave interference-double slit

    Homework Statement A student performing Young's experiment with a single-colour source finds the distance between the first and the seventh nodal lines to be 6.0 cm. The screen is located 3.0 m from the two slits. The slit separation is 2.2 x 10^2 nanometres. Calculate the wavelength of the...
  11. L

    Help with questions on becoming a surgeon?

    Im almost 16 and in 10th grade and im very interested in biology/human anatomy. But when i was in 9th grade i was homeschooled and it wasnt for me and i ended up procrastinating to the point were i was kicked out in the middle of the second semester (but you need to finish the whole semester to...
  12. anton717

    Conservation of Momentum in Explosions

    Homework Statement Cart 1 and cart 2 are initially at rest, and after the explosion the momentum of the two carts was the same. If the two carts were moving at some initial speed v0 before the explosion: would the momentum of the two carts still be equal? Homework Equations Momentum. mvi=mvf...
  13. R

    Geiger counters and activity

    I'm doing high school physics and if a question says something like: A radioactive source gives count rate of 110 counts per second Can you say that the ACTIVITY is also 110 bq? My second question is how would a gieger counter detect gamma radiation? It is the least ionising of all three...