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Asking for help in neuroscience`s self-study

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    Hi everyone!

    I`m an undergraduate who has always been interested in neuroscience, though i`m currently studying Maths. I`ve decided to post in this forum as i`d seen some useful advice with regard to that topic.
    Anyway, my request would be the next: do you think it is possible to learn a quite amount of neuroscience (with a focus on its theoretical side) while doing my degree? Then, if so, what books would you recommend for self-study? A list with some of them would be very appreciated (i have in mind things like the kandel`s "principles of neuroscience" to begin with, but i have no idea about how to go deeper).
    And, finally, being more specific, do you know about books that provide a kind of step by step approach to theoretical neuroscience, covering the Mathematical methods used in understanding the brain?

    Thanks in advance!
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    "theoretical neuroscience" by Dayan.
    "dynamical systems in neuroscience" by Izhikivech
    "the handbook of brain theory and neural networks" by Arbib
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