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Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, autodidacts are individuals who choose the subject they will study, their studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. Autodidacts may or may not have formal education, and their study may be either a complement or an alternative to formal education. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts.

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  1. J

    Hello from physics graduate!

    Some time after my PhD I decided to study physics (again) on my own and with my own (maybe bit slow) pace. I do not work in the field, changed to IT but I kept physics as my hobby. The self study really brings me joy, can take it slow, rethink with no rush on terms, exams, etc. Currently, trying...
  2. Giovanni04

    Is this a good self-study program?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new here, this is my presentation https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/new-self-study-member.1061374/ I want to study physics for my own intrest and understanding of the universe. A few years ago, after high-school, I studied Halliday and Resnick quite thoroughly, both...
  3. M

    Good textbook(s) for self-studying Quantum Physics

    Could you please suggest a good textbook for self-studying quantum mechanics? Not something too advanced. I have a math degree, so I'm not averse to equations.
  4. SvenFromSkyrim

    Studying Chemistry or physics - which one is more suitable for self-studying?

    First of all, I realised that asking this on physics forum might give me answers different than I'd get in chemistry message board, or more "neutral" general science forums for that matter, but this site seems to be particularly helpful and active at the same time, so I'll take my chances. In...
  5. MatinSAR

    Classical Classical Dynamics Book for Self-Study.

    Hello. Can someone guide me in choosing the right book? My choice was Marion's book, but I did not understand some topics well ...
  6. T

    Studying Critique My Self-Study Schedule (Signal Processing & RF Electronics)

    Hello everybody. I have already graduated I am currently in training at work which I am required to finish intensive courses. So I will start when it's completed. My interests are in Signal Processing & RF Electronics which you could tell by the study plan I created. I will be taking a slow...
  7. C

    Advice for self-study Intro to Mechanics course?

    TL;DR Summary: Is there a mental model for setting up equations of motion and related mathematical equations when tackling mechanics problems? Hi there, I'm going through a first year mechanics textbook (An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner et al) from MIT OpenCourseware as I'm interested...
  8. M

    Physics Book Recommendations for Self-Study at Undergraduate Level?

    TL;DR Summary: Physics book recommendation Hi everyone, I just found this site and I'm thankful for that. I want to study Physics as a pure science but in my city there is no bachelors degree, so I want to study by myself if it's possible. I just don't know where to start or what books should...
  9. P

    Book recommendations: Abstract Algebra for self-study

    Hello, I am looking for one or more books in combination for self-study of abstract algebra. Desirable would be a good structure of the book with good examples of sentences and definitions. Of course, exercise problems should not be missing. I am now almost tending to buy the Algebra 0 book by...
  10. Weightlifting

    Studying When to check the solutions during self-study?

    Hi all! As I've mentioned in a previous post a while ago, I've started studying Calculus from "Calculus, a complete course" by R.A. Adams & C. Essex. I've managed to get through a good part of it already, and I plan to continue to more physics related textbooks afterwards. The end-goal I have...
  11. Santiago24

    Quantum Introductory quantum mechanics textbook for self-study

    Hi! I want to self study some of quantum mechanics so i need introductory textbook. I've taken courses on linear algebra that covers all "Linear algebra done right" by Sheldon Axler, multivariable calculus, two courses on general physics and the basics of differentials equations. I really like...
  12. K

    Quantum Finding the Perfect Self-Study Book for Intro Stats & Quantum Mechanics

    Can you please suggest a good introductory statistical and quantum mechanics book which can be self studied. My math background : I've done multivariate calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra ,some complex analysis all at the usual undergraduate level. The books I've self studied thus far...
  13. L

    Studying Self-study for math and physics or sticking with school material?

    I am in the last year of my high-school with an aspiration to do a double-bachelor in Physics and Math. I am not sure if I am capable of doing so (I am not the smartest), but it is really one of my dreams to study both subjects, so I will try. However, sometimes I experience some difficulty in...
  14. Passers_by

    Classical The first book of E&M is for self-study

    Can Classical Electromagnetism by Jerrold Franklin replace Griffith's for self-study? The book is now in its second edition.
  15. F

    Linear Algebra What are good second course books in linear algebra for self-study?

    What are best second course(undergraduate) books in linear algebra for self-study?I have already read Introduction to Linear Algebra by Lang.
  16. SirMadame

    I Self-Study General Relativity: After Multivariate Calc in HS

    I just finished multivariate calculus (without any linear algebra experience yet) and I am seeking out a path to understanding General Relativity. I am wondering what are the mathematical fields after multivariate calculus that I need to master before beginning to understand GR, and what...
  17. F

    Self-study methods for advanced math books and papers

    How to study advanced math books and papers? Advanced math books don't have exercises to practice. What study methods do you use?
  18. bagasme

    Courses Budget (Cash-Strapped) Self Study Advice Please

    Hello all, Now I had graduated from high school, and I'd like to self-study (revisiting) high school mathematics and physics (not for exam). But recently I often saw ads for a local online course platform. Many of the platform's users have been admitted to top colleges, and get better score...
  19. Feynstein100

    Classical What Are the Best Introductory Textbooks for a Self-Studying Physics Enthusiast?

    I'm a layperson who loves physics. Unfortunately studying it in a university is not an option for me right now. So I've decided to study it myself. My knowledge so far is upto high school physics. I do know some special relativity but mostly in a conceptual manner, not a rigorous mathematical...
  20. Eclair_de_XII

    Studying How can people self-study material in solitude all the time?

    For the past few weeks, I have been trying to review the math courses I've taken over past two years. All I can really do, though, is just read over the chapters. I acknowledge that the only way to actually (re)learn the material is to do the problems. I always tell myself that I can do it in my...
  21. J

    Textbook question: Can I self-study with Velleman's Calculus?

    Summary: CALC BOOK QUESTION Hey I am going to be self studying calc AP BC because my school only offers AB. So I bought from a ton of reddit advice Vellemans Calculus: A rigorous first course, due to the fact where I want a challenge similar to AOPS however more into solving more problems no...
  22. N

    Other Maths and physics books for undergraduate level self-study

    Hello The short story is that I'd like to go through university level maths and physics because: I like maths and physics Deepening knowledge of maths would be useful in my programming career Formal education The longer story is that while being a kid, I loved mathematics. Took extra...
  23. D

    Intro Physics Undergraduate books for self-study (quantum and thermal physics)

    It's been a while since I studied physics. I did a few basic courses in physics as a freshman, but I never studied any physics since, but instead majored in math and ended up doing a math PhD. Nowadays, I work on self-driving cars at a large tech company, where my work is mostly in computer...
  24. icesalmon

    Studying Self-Study in Electromagnetism

    Recently ( due to me moving forward with my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering ) I purchased a plethora of books, aimed at self study, in an attempt to try and understand the concepts behind electrostatics, electrodynamics, and magnetostatics etc. I read reviews on books that would...
  25. G

    Other List of Books to use for self-study before AP classes

    I plan on taking a multitude of AP classes next year. I would like some books that I should buy for good study.
  26. BlackholeGirl

    How did you manage the self-study of physics and math?

    Hi, I'm an undergrad student from this fall. Before starting a term, I'm studying physics and math in advance. However, no one around me learns such things and I'm getting so nervous to keep my self-study. If you have had similar experiences, could you give me any advice so that I'm able to...
  27. T dawg

    Studying Can self-studying be fulfilling and effective?

    I'm about to transfer from a community college over to a university this semester for physics. I've completed all lower division physics and math courses and of course, I missed the deadline to apply for vast majority of physics related internships I could get. Add to that the fact that there...
  28. L

    Studying How to self-study advanced books like Weinberg's QFT?

    Although the question came to my mind while studying Weinberg's QFT books, the doubt is much more general than that, and is not a doubt about physics, but rather about how to actually study and learn the topic alone from the book. From one point I agree that coming up with this doubt nearly...
  29. C

    Studying How Many Problems to Do When Self-Studying Physics?

    I looked around for where this question might already be answered (or at least addressed; I'm not sure there is any "one" answer), but, finding none, I decided to ask it myself. For someone self-studying physics, is it necessary to do all the problems in the textbook being used? (I'm using...
  30. Rin

    Algebra Books Best for Mathematics & Algebra Self-Study with Proofs?

    Hello, I've been trying to improve my algebra since I've never been particularly good with math. I'm going through Serge Lang's Basic Mathematics textbook and while I have been learning a lot his proof-based exercises are a pain to get through and the back of the book only provides answers for...
  31. N

    Studying Theoretical physics self-study curriculum

    Hey there, my name's Travis, I'm a high school graduate and prospective theoretical physicist. I started my post-school learning by looking into correspondence study and got hold of some material from a friend. However, despite the fact that I love calculus and physics, I completed the 1st year...
  32. K

    Are Schaum books good for self-study?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here so I'd like to know your opinion. My question is (as the title says) are Schaum books good for self-studying? I want to study physics by my own and I found this book Schaum's Outlines Beginning Physics I by Alvin Halpern and I wanted to be sure if it's a good book to...
  33. B

    Intro Physics Reading plan for self-studying parallel to classes

    Hi, I'm currently in "gymnasiet" in Denmark, which I understand is similar to high school in the US. It's what gives you access to universities, so to speak. After "gymnasiet", which I'm done with summer 2019, I'm planning on going to university for a physics degree. I'm currently taking...
  34. M

    Classical What Textbooks are best for self-study for SAT Physics Test

    I am planning on taking SAT Subject test in Physics in few months, but I don't know which textbook is best to study all physics concepts that will be tested. I have a basic knowledge of algebra and almost none of calculus, as they didn't teach them back in high school, but I really want to...
  35. Jianphys17

    Question about self-study of SR

    Hi, I was wondering, as in the Bachelor's degree curriculum there is no SR course, for one who is interested in theoretical physics (as me), would do it alone, perhaps with texts such as Rindler or Synge ...? Thank you in advance !
  36. mr.tea

    Topology Self-Study Topology for Scientists

    Hi, I would like to receive suggestions regarding (general) topology textbook for self-study. I have background in real analysis, linear and abstract algebra. I am not afraid of a challenging book. Thank you!
  37. L

    Studying Beginning physics knowledge while in middle school

    Hi, I'm slowly making my way through eighth grade, and bored - though I'm set to enroll in an ib high school next year in order to dodge the costly mess, still for the duration of 8th grade I'll probably have a lot of free time, since I have no means of transportation right now. I think that...
  38. doktorwho

    Learn C: Best Book for Beginner & Harvard Intro to Programming

    Hear me out on this. I am an absolute beginner to C, i know some Python and i just finihed a month course on Pascal (school currciulum) and we're starting C by the end of February. Even though I am a beginner I am a fast learner and i want a book that is escalating moderatly or even fast. Also...
  39. Mikey16

    Self-study Astrophysics by Reading Books

    I am a mechanical engineering student who got a master offer in space science recently. This master course is more like astrophysics. So if I want to systematically study astrophysics, where should I start and which books should I start reading first of all? Thanks!
  40. Z

    Studying Theoritical physics'/math textbook for self-study

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to study theoritical physics since a long time now. I've seen a bit of math(ODE, basics Algebra and analysis) and physics(Lagragian/Hamiltonian, Solid mechanics, optics) using free courses and youtubes videos. But i find it more hard now as there is no more...
  41. UsableThought

    Studying Self-study for a beginner: how to pace math vs. physics?

    I'm new to the forums (here's my intro post). Also new to studying physics, though I did do one year in high school many decades back, too far to really count; and in addition have been studying EM & electronics for the past year, but mostly in an applied sense. Aside from enjoying myself, one...
  42. B

    Quantum "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai for First Encounter

    Dear friends, Can "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai be used as a first introduction to the quantum mechanics, given that I have a professor who can guide my reading and supplementary books? I recently got an opportunity for a reading course in rigorous QM, and I thought Sakurai would be a...
  43. B

    Other Do "older" books provide unique insights?

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am curious what are your opinions about the "older" books in mathematics and physics (i.e. Neumann, Schrodinger, Dirac for QM, Hawking/Ellis for relativity, Russell for mathematics, etc.). From my experience with mathematical books, I found that I have liking to...
  44. B

    Analysis Leonard Euler's Books in Analysis and Algebra

    Dear Physics Forums friends, I am an aspiring mathematician who is deeply interested in the analysis, topology, and their applications to the microbiology. Recently, I started to become very curious about why concepts and theorems in the real analysis and topics come as they are; the...
  45. micromass

    Insights Comments - How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/aastock6.png Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  46. Erebus_Oneiros

    Studying How do you effectively self-study physics using a textbook?

    How do you effectively self-study physics using a textbook? Defining "effective" (in decreasing order of priority): - Understand the topics more at the conceptual level than "standard problem solving/plug n chug" level. Think final goal being to prepare for research in the field or like a...
  47. M

    Intro Math For Dummies? Geometry and Trig self-study tips please

    I am planning on doing a huge self-studying over geometry and hopefully a little bit a trigonometry session over the summer at my public library. Over at a friends house, I see that he has a book about "algebra 2 for dummies" in his pile of science books and it got me wondering, are the "For...
  48. rtd

    Studying Can Open Yale Courses Help You Study Math, Physics, and Chemistry on Your Own?

    ways for self studying in maths , physics& chemistry
  49. J

    Intro Physics What are some good Algebra-based physics book for physics?

    I am in the 8th grade. I have a new found interest in physics, and would love to learn physics from the lowest level to the highest . However I do not know any good textbooks to start with. Can anyone maybe suggest some detailed algebra-based physics book for me? Thank you!
  50. micromass

    Insights How to Self-study Analysis. Part Ii: Intermediate Analysis - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post How to self-study analysis. Part II: intermediate analysis Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.