Aspect's experiment, bell's inequality, neutrino faster than 'c'.

  1. Hi just a quick question I was curious about.
    Im not sure if the results from CERN about the faster than light neutrino have been verified, but given that this is true....
    as I understand it bell's inequality assumes
    1. the reality of the external world, independent of us "observers".
    2. locality, ie, no faster than light signalling.
    The results of Aspects experiment say that one of these has to go?
    Assuming that the results from CERN were correct, what are the implications of this??
    Does this mean things can go backwards in time??
    If we were to go back to the idea of an aether does this solve some of the implications??
    Im not in the field (although I am studying at an undergrad level) so a laypersons description as much as possible is appreciated!
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    To bring things down to earth, the OPERA experiment (CERN) seems to have had a problem with a faulty cable.
  4. Ohh so the results dont seem to be reliable?
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  6. Thanks for the update mathman!
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