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Astronomy and career opportunities

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    Hi, i am very much interested in astronomy. I was wondering whether there were great opportunities in this career path. and what the work consisted of?

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    Thanks Laura1013 for pointing out this search feature. ;) i'm feeling a lil bit dumb here...haha

    is there a career concerning astrophysics which involves greatly biology? or maybe chemistry?!

    i don't really know what career is best for me. i just don't want to get into a monotonous job. i am looking for a very exciting scientific job. like medicine, but medicine is way beyond me in terms of finance.
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    Try looking into astrobiology. It's a field that investigates the possiblity of extraterrestrial life. NASA Ames and possibly Goddard have programs in astrobiology.

    Even medicine can become monotonous although it depends on the specialty.
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