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Astronomy Major does anyone care if I get it or not?

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    I'm a senior at the University of Wisconsin and I will be applying to grad school in physics soon. I'm currently majoring in Math, Physics, Nuclear Engineering, and Astronomy. I have 6 credits left to finish my astronomy degree and I'm seriously considering not finishing it out. As it stands now, I'll finish all 4 degrees, but will miss out on taking a bunch of math courses that I really want to take (Differential Geometry and 2nd semester Abstract Algerbra).

    My question is: will anyone care whether I had 3 majors or 4 when considering my grad school application? I would imagine that it's not a REALLY big deal, but it sets me appart quite a bit because lots of people have 3 majors, but almost no one has 4.

    I am hoping to get in to Stanford, CalTech, or Berkeley, so I don't want to do anything that could weaken my application.

    Bottom line: is anyone going to care whether or not I have a degree in Astronomy when applying to grad school?

    Thanks for your time,
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    I don't see why you would think you are competitive *anywhere* with less than 5 majors.

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    Seriously, grad school does not award points for having many diverse interests. I doubt if having a second major helps you get admitted anywhere.
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    I'd speculate that it might even be a negative indicator that you are not committed to one area and that it would take you a long time to graduate grad school.
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    Wow 3 or 4 majors...that's unheard of in my university (top 10 in science and engineering)
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