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Homework Help: Astrosat - find maximum delay of light arrival from moon

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    ASTROSTAT satellite of 2 meter diameter will be in space in 2007. If it revolves around the earthat an altitude of 800 Km, find the maximum delay in light arrival from Moon at the satellite at different locations.

    Is it as simple as adding 800km to distance of moon from earth and dividing it byspeed of light?
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    That depends. Do the satellite and the moon orbit in the same plane? If so, do you need to take into account the fact that for a part of the time the moon will be eclipsed by the Earth from the satellites view and light from it can't reach the satellite at all at this time?
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    Well, Whats the same plane?? It wasnt specified whether the eclipse period should be taken in accout. What if I try to calculate it both ways?
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    Please help me soon. If I get the velocity of this satellite, then what should I do next????
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