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At what eV will electrons induce Be-10 decay?

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    Nuclear-powered spaceflight is the obvious choice for this century, but the few safe-choice fuels have little experimental documentation ....

    Be-10 might be the best at 556KeV and half-life of 1.51Myr ... β-chaining if possible ...

    At what eV will accelerated electrons induce Be-10 nuclei to decay ... Is there an eV-vs.-emission rate plot?

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    It would be impractical to have an electron accelerator to induce beta decay of any radionuclide. Simply the mass of the accelerator would be a significant detriment. Secondly, the 556 keV per 10 amu represents much less energy than fission 200 MeV / 236 amu.

    Another problem with electron scattering of a nucleus is the fact that the accelerated electrons will interact (scatter and lose energy) with the atomic electrons, so basically one would have to put more energy in that would be obtained from the beta decay.
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