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Atlantis' Existence and Place On Earth

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    (sorry if this is in the wrong section, or if this does not belong on these forums)

    A friend of mine told me a while back that although the location of Atlantis is unknown, it is likely that it existed in the middle of the Seven Wonders of the World. (I naturally assumed he meant the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World because Atlantis "disappeared" long before the Medieval/Modern times)

    I was just wondering whether there was any significant evidence that suggests this.

    (and if anybody knows, could they please post a short description of what Atlantis is and who Plato is? All I know if that Atlantis was an island and Plato was a philosopher)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I believe the only known Atlantis claims come from Plato. There is no conclusive historical evidence supporting these claims. Many people believe the story is fiction.
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    That's correct, some more information.

    Atlantis is only mentioned in Plato's Timaeus and Critias and claims that the story is told by Solon, who heard it from an Egyptian priest. Plato's dating (9000 years before Solon's visit) brings it very close to the very turbulent end of the Younger Dryas, but this is likely just a coincidence.

    The detailed describtions of the place don't lead to any existing area, hence Atlantis has been located just about everywhere on the globe. But then again, the original manuscripts have disappeared a long time ago and discussions about correct interpretations are ongoing.

    One of the many speculations is that Atlantis is a fiction based on http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/199503/who.were.the.sea.people..htm.
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    There is evidence of volcanic eruptions and there is an ancient city dug out from ashes on one of Greek's hundreds of islands, forgot what's it called.

    If there was ever an origin of the story of Atlantis, it could have been an island off Greece, wiped out by volcanic eruptions. Then as usual, myths and legends follow saying it was a super advanced civilization bigger than Africa and what not.
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    The theory is that it was based on the Minoan civilsation on Crete who were rather spectacularly inconvenienced by the tsunami following Santorini erupting around 1500BCE
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    Minoan settlement on Santorini:


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    You wouldn't be referring to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD would you?

    I know the dates and places are quite off, but there's a chance, since you don't know the name and there is a massive excavation going on in the cities destroyed by that eruption.
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    Atlantis is probably as real as Troy or Sodom & Gomorrah... In other words, it probably existed. I saw a convincing doccumentary that placed it in the Andes. An archeological site with concentric "moats" and a central temple/city etc.
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    I would say that a city in the mountains of South America would be an unlikely spot.
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    They have found a massive wall that is believed to be the city of Troy.
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    I'm just saying here, I'm not criticising your statement but I just wanted to know, why do you think that it's unlikely?
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    Because there is no record of trade or travel between South America and Greece back then.
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    Especially the Pacific side of South America.
    But the Atlanteans were supposedly so advanced, that they could have built the Canal of Panama, twelve thousand years ago, when the rest of the humans were just discovering agriculture.
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    This is making me more and more curious about Atlantis ... where can I read what Plato wrote about it?
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    In the link they gave you above.


    Also, you all should know some myths have been proven to be based loosely on facts: city of Troy for example now that you mentioned.

    A Spanish scientist made a theory about Atlantis and says it's possible it was placed on Spain. He is going to publish his book in the next days. It seems Solon, Plato's ancestor and one of the seven greek sages according to Pausanias, had Spanish ancestry. Maybe he got the legend from them.

    Sorry about my English, my first language is Spanish.
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    As a tangent to the Atlantis question, I kind of wonder what the above means.

    The Seven Wonders of the World were fairly recently designated, they are all over the world, and I don't know how anything could be "in the middle of" them.
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    There's also no evidence of interbreeding between Greeks and natives of South America. Those are some of the most genetically distant human populations on Earth and signs of interbreeding should be clear.
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    Well, according to Plato, the Atlanteans were not Greek, but their enemies.
    Of course, 10 thousand years, before Plato, there were no Greeks anywhere.
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    One thing that many people over look is the time frame that Atlantis exsisted in. With over looking this vital piece of information is where the whole thing breaks down into mythology and legend.
    There is one one magic word that make the whole Atlantis argument make perfect sence and makes Atlantis very real.


    Now with this very handy word in mind, let us look at the time frame in question. Of coarse this is about 11,000 BCE or 13,000 years ago. Naurally this plants us at the end of the ice age. Three very large things happened 13,000 years ago, or in point of fact, 12,900 years ago. We are talking about the Younger Dryas catastrophys and near immediate return of the ice age. Scientists have been able to conclude that this final glaciation called the Younger Dryas came about in just six months. As I mentioned, three large catastrophic occurances happened 12,900 years ago:

    1. The release of Lake Agassiz

    2. The Younger Dryas Impact Event

    3. Galactic Super Wave cycle

    Now with the ice age aspect in mind entwinned with the study of ancient human cultures and civilizations, you can eliminate one by one possible places on Earth for Atlantis. For example you can eliminate all places above 30 to 35 degrees North laititude. You can also eliminate Antarctica. Both locations' temperatures range from -30*F to -160*F. These locations to not seem to be very hospitable for ancient civilizations, especially in North America. That leaves us with three locations; The Azores, Thera (next to Creet), and the Caribbean. Also one must keep in mind the water levels of the planet back then. The water level were about 400 feet lower globally than they are now. So, if you look at some maps of back then you will see much more land mass coverage than you see now.

    ~~Azores? Nope! I have 3 reasons for this..... 1. The land mass coverage of the Azores is not that different now than it was 12,900 years ago. 2. There is no eveidence found of ice age human civilizations. 3. Its out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where temperatures would be very harsh.

    ~~Thera? Nope! Reason 1. Its the wrong time frame. Yes admittedly there is a very good argument of the differences in numerical systems and languages. 2. This is of coarse the fall of the Minoan People 3. It has a great location latitude wise, but there is no evidence of an ice age civilization. 4. In the old legends, you will never find that Atlantis exploded. It is said that Atlantis "sank".

    ~~The Caribbean? YES! (in my humble opinion anyway) I have many reasons why I say this...
    1. Perfect location North Latitude wise
    2. If you look at the paleoclimatology and the land mass exposure during the ice age, it is ideal
    3. If you go into the old Mayan, Aztec, and ancient Caribbean Islander histories told to Columbus, it details a celectial impact, earthquakes, flooding, the ocean swollowing up very large amounts of land, the deaths of thousands upon thouands of people, and there has been artifacts recovered from the Caribbean area that date 13,000 years old and older. One such artifact is at least 13,000 years old. It is a stone map of the planet that details the different land mass coverage during that time. This map is indeed complete. It shows ALL continents including Antarctica. People widely dismiss, discredit, and deny this map because of the out dated mentality of our favorite idiot Christopher Columbus "discovering America and prooving the Earth is round". You history students will know the Columbus and that flat Earth thing is a lie but some people don't know that so here ya go. That tale was made up in this book by Washington Irving in 1828, but for some retarted reason the lie became fact and that is what we are tought as fact in school. Weird huh?:

    I can site many groups of people who came to America and/or maping the planet going all the way back to 50,000 years ago. I'll spare you, but they are indeed historical facts. If you're interested message me or look it up yourself. I find doing my own research to be very rewarding.

    As mentioned above, there are indeed artifacts found but some are out right denied. You geologists, paleontologists, anthropologists, and archeologists know this because it threatens the "popularly accepted history" and fractures preceptions of ancient peoples and civilizations. But facts are facts, these artfacts exist, like it or not they have been tested and verified. :biggrin:

    For more info:
    and look up for other interesting history and artifacts:
    Michael Cremo
    Klaus Dona
    Graham Hancock

    Take care and be well everyone!
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