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Atomic Orbitals vs. Molecular Orbitals and Hybridization

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    Hey everyone! I was wondering, when orbitals are hybridized, new hybrid Atomic Orbitals (AO) are formed. Now, when these hybrid atomic orbotals bond with another atomic orbitals, are molecular orbitals formed? For example, when 2 Hydrogens bond to form H2, the 1s orbitals overlap to form 2 Molecular orbitals. One bonding Molecular orbital and one antibonding Molecular orbital. When a sp3 hybridized carbon bonds with a hydrogen, the sp3 AO of carbon overlaps with the 1s AO of hydrogen. What is the resultant Molecular Orbital that is formed? Are antibonding molecular orbitals formed with this type of overlap? Any good tutorials to explain this?
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    The bond between an sp3 carbon and a hydrogen is called a sigma bond. There will of course be bonding and anti-bonding orbitals.
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