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Atomtronics & Superfluid Circuits

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    An atomic SQUID has been created from a superfluid circuit:


    What are the applications of this?

    If you could have a superfluid coil, then could it generate some kind of field, like the way an electric coil does?

    Given that the rotation of massive bodies generates frame-dragging, then does the rotation or circular movement of even small amounts of matter also do this on a small scale?

    Could frame-dragging effects somehow be channeled through a coil, analogous to the way that electromagnetic fields are combined through a helical coil?
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    You really shouldn't go off on a tangent like this, whereby you are trying to extrapolate something you barely know into a rather ridiculous situation.

    Please note that in a SQUID, it is the phase difference in wavefunction that is predominately responsible for the effect. We don't have "rotation or circular movement" here in the real sense.

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    Ahh, so this is quantum fuzziness again, rather than real movement.

    But still - what are the applications for it?

    I remember an experiment done by Martin Tajmar in 2006 on "gravitomagnetism". He later did a related experiment using a superfluid:



    Does anyone have more information on this? What are the implications of it?
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