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Autism thinking and quantum physics

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    Hi, this is my first thread, and my question is; to witch degree can an autist thinker(comprehending via association through different fields such as music) learn quantum phyisics with out math?
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    For example in quarks we have color confinement and in music different tones have different colors in astrology we now that our solar system vibrates in f sharp, and we have synestesia witch can maybe prove this connection...
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    all off those above is theoretical physics but i wish for someone to help me use that in quantum physics
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    You're going to need to be more specific about what you are asking. Could you give more examples about the kind of descriptions you are trying to create?
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    Learning quantum physics without maths isn't really possible beyond knowing the coffee table science explantions of quantum theory. More than any other area of physics understanding the maths is understanding the theory. In what's often regarded as the standard interpretation quantum physics is seen almost as purely maths.

    For example how could you comprehend a statement such as "the state space of combined system is the tensor product of it's subsystems" without having a reasonable level of maths? And that statement is basic principle of quantum physics and key to understanding quantum entanglement for example.
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    What exactly do you mean when you say that our Solar System vibrates in F-Sharp?
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    it sounds to me like a mixture of hidden variable theory and Heisenberg uncertainty principle- the tensor product, but i'm probably wrong, i need some one to gradually introduce it without maths and then with maths...
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    "There is a connection between Vibrational Sound, the musical scale, and astrology. The Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti Do that we all know, is actually a mathematical formula that came from the major planets in our solar system. Pythagoras and Keppler were among the first to discover and explore this musical octave of sound that the movements of our planets make. From this astrological octave, we can find out the exact frequency of a birth note, and it can be given back to us in hertz at brain wave frequency level."
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    I cease to understand how the apparent motions of planets can create a Chromatic Scale.
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    You can't learn it without maths. There is no quantum intuition that can be learnt from the environment because we are too big. And the only other humans who I would trust to explain quantum theory will explain it mathematically.

    Having said that, the bits of maths which are required for quantum theory are very geometrical, and the way the brain understands them is marvellous and mysterious. I understand what a vector space is, but it always takes a bit of time to remember the proper definition. The way one understands mathematical concepts is quite different from knowing their definitions, so if you want to learn quantum theory, start learning some maths.

    As for birth notes...I give up.
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    Absolutely none of this is true. Astrology is not a science. The western musical scale did not arise from the planets. Planets make no sound. The last sentence doesn't even make sense.

    One cannot support a premise by a series of incorrect and woolly statements.

    I profit from the opportunity to remind everyone about the PF Rules on overly speculative posts.
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