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Average IQ of professional physicists/mathematicians?

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    Many scientists have never taken IQ tests so there is a lack of statistical data, but what is a realistic estimate? Do you think 135-140 would be the average?
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    Another discussion of IQ.. You can do a search for "IQ" here, on PF, and you'll find lots of info.
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    I think 100 would be the average.
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    Do you really think there are many scientists with IQ less than 100?
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    I was being more facetious than anything.

    I think IQ is kind of dumb.
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    For sure.
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    I remember hearing somewhere (I have no sources so I may be wrong) that there is little to no correlation between high IQ and academic achievement (besides the obvious: better grades; I'm talking more about awards and national recognition). From what it seems, passion and determination trump all.
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    There's been recent evidence that motivation is a big factor:

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    If I call myself a physicist the average physicist IQ would plunge
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    I'm part of Mensa, where everybody has an IQ of greater than 140 - but there are about as many physicists and mathematicians as any other random sampling of people. IQ is a fairly inaccurate way of determining if a person can solve problems, or has the dedication needed to get through college.
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    And by that determination and hard study you can learn to think better, and perform better on IQ tests, thus "raising IQ." It isn't set in stone.
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    There ARE people outside of PF who let crackpots call themselves scientists. There are likely about as many (if not more) crackpots in the world than real scientists. So, by some standards, maybe. :tongue:

    IQ does not determine someone's academic ability or performance. I (apparently) have a high IQ, and I still count on my fingers and toes when I do calculations. Science is, as Sentin31 said, mostly about passion and determination.
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    here's a question, why was the I.Q system established ?

    according to wikki,

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    We're getting off topic.
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