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Physics B.S. in Physics, Needing Career Change

  1. Jan 4, 2012 #1
    I have a B.S. in Physics (from FSU, if it matters), and I've been teaching high school science for two and a half years. While it is rewarding to help students learn, this was not the career field I had in mind.

    I would like to change careers to one that is more hands-on in a physics or science-related field, and that presents more of an intellectual challenge than teaching high school science.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions on career fields (or job openings) that I could pursue? I would be happy living anywhere in the US or Canada, so location is not a problem.

    My biggest challenge is that with a B.S., I seem to be underqualified for most of the science jobs that I see advertised.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    How are you programming skills? A science related software job could be a good option. There may also be positions in industry for educational consultants. I have a friend with a degree in molecular biology who works for an it company. You could also look into actuarial science.
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    Would you consider a master's in engineering?
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    My programming skills could be better (65 solved so far on Project Euler), but I've got the basics down. I was working my way through a second B.S. in Computer Science when the price of tuition became higher than I could rationalize spending, since I already had a B.S. in Physics at the time. Programming is a field I have definitely considered, and I've begun reviewing Java for the certification exam that used to be called SCJA from Oracle. I've also looked into networking, and I've got the book to study for the CCENT exam from Cisco Systems.

    I have considered the engineering field, too. My college GPA is a little too low to get into grad school (~2.85, if I recall correctly), but that can certainly be fixed in time, too.
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