Bachelor degree in electrical to masters in physics

  1. Hi
    i have done my ug in electrical( B.E - EEE) and now working in a software firm...
    right from my school age i'm interested in physics and now i really want to do a masters in physics... i want to go into the research field
    especially in high energy physics .. in a reputed clg.. like cambridge...caltech etc
    now my problem is this it possible to change major just like that? or shd i have to do some small internship programs here.. to get into such universities i need a proper SOP. wat can i write in it.. as i haven't done any course in physics i'm confused whether my sop will be accepted
    2. Wat are the steps i should take now..
    i'm planning to write toefl and gre.. for physics its just general english or will we have to write subject wise gre also
    3. is there any MUST qualifications for doing a masters
    4. which is better,,MS in physics or a PhD.. on along term basis... how will be my nature of work after getting these degree?

    thanks in advance guys
    pls i need a detailed answer... since i'm confused a lot abt my next step! :confused:
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