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Bachelor's Degree and Grad School Question.

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    I have currently switched my major from physics over to software engineering. From what I can find out, I will need to pursue the computer science degree at the University of Arizona. When I was initially going to college, I had actually began with a different degree. After a semester I went back to physics because I couldn't really imagine doing anything else. Then, over the past six month, I decided to switch to software engineering. However, the courses I took at my community college were geared for a transfer for a degree in physics, not computer science.

    I wound up spending 2.5 years getting my associates...and quite frankly, I am ashamed at that. Now, I am taking a year off before I go back to college. Then, I will probably need 3 years, or possibly even 2.5 years to get a computer science degree. It all depends on how exactly my courses will transfer. I received a 4.0 all throughout community college...and so my GPA is 4.0. My question is this:

    How much do graduate school admissions committees look into how long the candidate spent to get his undergraduate degree? I never did declare a major at my community college, I just geared the courses I took towards physics as best I could. Thanks!
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    Vanadium 50

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    I wouldn't worry about this.
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    I don't think it's a major factor - especially if your marks have been consistently high. There are lots of people who jump from program to program before finally deciding on an avenue to pursue. I went through grad school with a guy who did an English degree before discovering physics was what he really wanted to do.
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    Alright. Thank you. I was really getting worried about this...I suppose it would be a whole different thing if I had wanted a degree in physics this whole time and wound up spending 5 - 6 years getting that degree...or if my GPA was lower.
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