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Studying Bad grade in classical mechanics

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    I’m felling demotivated because I had a bad grade, I don’t know how I got such kind of grade.
    However, I’m looking to get a very good grade in the next test, that will count 100%.
    I’m in the first year of physics, what advices do you have on how to study(CM), which exercises? What books should I read?
    What should I do? I really want to get very good grades, so I can pursue a career in investigation.
    Thank you for your time.
    Best wishes!
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    From what you're saying it sounds like your next test will count for your entire grade?

    If so, be sure to utilize this second chance opportunity to make up for your bad first test.

    These are some things that really helped me.

    • Read the book BEFORE you go to class. Getting familiar with the concepts before your professor goes over them really helped me to get the concepts down.
    • Start on homework that day that it's assigned. This way if you run into problems you can seek help early.
    • Go talk to your professor. They have office hours for a reason, and they're usually happy to explain things or give assistance on a tough problem.
    • Reach out to classmates and start a study group. Going over things with your peers can help.
    • Study a little bit each night instead of doing a whole lot of studying the night before. Ideally you should start doing practice problems WEEKS in advance of the test, while slowly increasing your workload as the test gets closer.
    • See if any exams from previous years are available. Work through these exams in a "simulated test environment." Set a timer for an hour, and work through it using no resources. If there are no tests available, you can make your own using practice or homework problems.
    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Yeah, that’s right, the next which is global will count for 100% of the grade, but you just got this test, I have about 3 weeks.
    I’ll do what you told me, thank you very much.
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    Dr. Courtney

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    The above is excellent advice. It worked for me when I was a struggling physics student and has worked for many of my students through the years when I've been a prof, mentor, and adviser.

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