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Bad idea? Taking Statics and Dynamics simulatneously

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    I'm considering this for summer at my local university (it doesn't have summer I or summer II options). Is it possible to do dynamics and statics all at once?

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    I took dynamics first, and the textbook we used was actually a statics textbook followed by a dynamics book all in one binding (basically, it was meant to be taught in sequence). From what I remember, the first half of statics was pretty easy and almost like a review of dynamics (except we didn't have to worry about acceleration!) and the second half was a bit more challenging, but still pretty easy.

    That said, I took both through the engineering department rather than physics and I heard that when dynamics was taught by a physics professor it was much harder and they covered different material. I would recommend talking to/emailing the professors who are teaching the courses to see what they think.
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    At my university, Statics and Dynamics are combined in one course.
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