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*BASIC Calculus and Trig self-teach BOOKS*

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    Hi,im looking forward to spend my spare time in studying calculus and trig so i can b sort of ahead...beside,I'll be finishing high school in about 2 yrs,being in my 9th as of now,and also i'll be starting trig next year....so yea i wanna get ahead of some other ppl...also,since im looking forward to enter likely in a 'top-recognised' university for a phD in physics(which i am planning...:) )i wan to sharpen my skill nd be a lil advance....:)

    Aldo,plz plz post some astronomy books i can read,im looking forward to understand cosmology( basic) galxy,univer,system solar,relativity theory(VERY VERY basic stuff) etc etc etc

    dun worry,i am enjoying my 'youthness' but sometime 'practically' nothing(nd its boring of course).........i thought i could just take advantage of this nd learn something...

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    also,concerning my above post,when i mean basic,im not refering to something 'introductory' (although i wont mind reading such books,im sure despite the several 10-20 books i have read so far,i havent really covered the basic :) )

    Thx once again :)
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    I suggest a book on English grammar and spelling.
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    There are about 10,000 textbooks on calculus, each equally good (or bad). There are some standouts (like Apostol, Spivak) but those certainly aren't BASIC. I recommend whichever calc book is at the library.
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    thx zhentil.
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    I suggest you to buy some glasses to refine your eyes...apparently you haven't clearly read my post.As for my English typo,i really dun care about the errors....

    That kinda sounded like a sarcasm :P
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    In all honesty, you really should care, especially if plan on eventually going to graduate school.
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    Obviously I would,but i dont see any importance in this forum since every1 can at least understand....=.=
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    Bad habits are hard to break.
  11. Feb 2, 2008 #10
    haha,no offense or anything,but this seems like a propaganda against me :(...jk,i dun consider this as a bad habit since in my English class,i have some remarkable marks for both witting and reading...and i pay great attention to my errrors ....once again,this is a forum,i likely will spend time correcting.....beside,its comprehensible(ppl can understand despite my grammar/spelling errors)...so yea..
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    and since i got the answer to my question,i prefer no comments here....o.0 explore some other threads in the forum rather then criticizing...(once again,no offense...)..
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