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Homework Help: Basic Classwork Help

  1. Aug 29, 2013 #1
    Generally, I perform well academically. However, I am new to physics, and the concepts have me stumped. The question I'm struggling with most is "find the position and velocity of an object for arbitrary times if it has an acceleration of a(t) = 2t-4, an initial velocity of 4m/s, and the initial position is x=0 at time t=0.
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    Hi Telzis. Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Since you are new to PF, you may be unaware of the rules with respect to homework problems. You are supposed to follow a specific format, and you are supposed to show what you have done so far in attempting a solution.
    Regarding the specific problem you presented, have you had calculus yet?

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    I apologize, I was unaware of the rules. I have not taken calculus.
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    This problem is very easy to do using calculus. Is this supposed to be a physics course for people who have not had calculus yet? Do you know the definition of acceleration? Do you know the definition of velocity? It is possible to do this problem without using calculus, but it takes some manipulation. What have you analyzed on this problem so far?
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    Looks like you should draw a few Graphs - starting with acceleration vs time.

    have you learned how to use information gained from an acceleration vs time graph to produce a velocity time graph?

    How can you get a position vs time graph from there.
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