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Analysis Basic measure theory for physics students

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    I'm trying to read Brian Hall's book "Quantum Theory for Mathematicians". While (I think) I have a basic grasp of most of the prerequisites, I don't know any measure theory. According to the appendix, presumed knowledge includes "the basic notions of measure
    theory, including the concepts of σ-algebras, measures, measurable functions, and the Lebesgue integral". Could anyone recommend a short book/ online notes that give me just enough knowledge of measure theory for QM?
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    This book has a brief chapter on measure theory.
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    A quite short and good book is Bartle: https://www.amazon.com/Elements-Integration-Lebesgue-Measure/dp/0471042226 You only need to read the first 6 chapters, the other chapters are nice, but not as important for your goal.

    A very nice and more geometrical book is Jones, but this is longer than Bartle, so it would take more time: https://www.amazon.com/Lebesgue-Integration-Euclidean-Bartlett-Mathematics/dp/0763717088

    If you're into functional analysis (like your post suggests), you could try the book by Conway: The first four chapters are enough, and it will additionally do some things with Hilbert spaces (using measure theory): https://www.amazon.com/Abstract-Analysis-Graduate-Studies-Mathematics/dp/0821890832
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    Are you actually running into problems? You may find that it's not such a big deal.
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