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Homework Help: Basic Physics question, find average acceleration and velocity?

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    Branden runs for a ball from a dead stop. It takes him 3 sec to reach it after traveling 10 meters.

    What was his average acceleration?

    What velocity did he acheive when he caught the ball?

    Thank you!
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    Please post your work.

    (Hint: Recall your kinematic equations of motion)
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    My attempt was this. I found the velocity, I think.

    For velocity I have 3.333 meters/second.

    I was not sure how to find acceleration, or what formula to use.

    My teacher gave us this formula: velocity = velocity(sub zero) + at . So should I make a permuatation out of this formula to give me: a = (velocity - velocity(sub zero)) / t ?

    So then a = 3.333m/s - (initial velocity) / time

    I'm pretty confused. Thanks for helping.
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    You have these formulas




    Which equation has acceleration, time and distance in it?
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    Try organizing your data, see what you have and what is missing/required.

    For example:

    Vinitial=0 m/s t=3s d=10m a=? Vfinal=?

    These formulas should help.

    d= 1/2 (Vi+Vf)t

    Vf= Vi + at

    d=Vi(t) + 1/2 a(t^2)

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