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Basic physics requirements and a teacher

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    This may be a long read. Giving you a heads up :zzz:

    I am trying to achieve as many opinions as possible to figure out if this problem is simply my own or the teaching style does not agree with the way I learn, maybe i simply do not belong in science. It is past the drop the course point, so its time to take it, physics style.

    My situation is I am not understanding a single thing in my PHY111 class. I can't remember the basic, I'll call them, level 1 questions. Things like how to get velocity, acceleration, or time. I do not know how to apply them properly to a word problem. I draw it out, i separate the figures I need to use, but nope. Nothing. We are not allowed to use any calculus references, examples, or practices in this.

    Though it seems it would make this class easier as such and if they made it a requirement to take calculus maybe I wouldn't have such a struggle? Most of my class has taken calculus I except for myself and one other person in a class of 20.

    The second class meeting, i spent the next day with my teacher in her office hours. I've spent hours upon hours of my own time and tutors time. I would say my other subjects are being neglected I am spending so much time on it. It would be safe to say the tutors are reteaching me what i should have learned in class. In point the example of time, velocity, and acceleration.

    Then there is my teacher. She is an engineer turned teacher. She seems to approach her teaching as such. She is fast, tells you what you need to know, moves on.

    Am I giving up? I have no idea. But if nothing clicks in my head about the subject. How can I possibly achieve victory? I'll go down fighting, that is for sure. :rolleyes:

    Based on the information. What does the community think?
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    At times I doubt myself. I try to remember that for most of us, it takes a lot of work. The semester is early and it takes more than a few weeks to feel competent at something. Try to remember why you are doing this. Try to work through the periods of doubt. Do not compare yourself with your classmates unless you know them all and their previous education. I hope this helps.
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