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A Basic questions on crystal lattice: k-vectors and Brillouin

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    Hi all,

    I’m brushing up my skills on solid state physics and I have a few questions about crystal lattices:

    1. What’s the spacing between allowed kx, ky, and kz states for a lattice of dimensions La x Lb x Lc?

    My attempt:

    The spacing is kx, ky, and kz:

    [tex]k_x = \frac{2\pi}{L_a}, \qquad k_y = \frac{2\pi}{L_b} , \qquad k_z = \frac{2\pi}{L_c}[/tex]

    Assuming Born–von Karman periodic boundary conditions.

    2. How many electrons fit in the first Brillouin zone?

    My attempt:

    [tex]N_a = \frac{L_a}{a},\qquad N_b = \frac{L_b}{b},\qquad N_c= \frac{L_c}{c}[/tex]

    for an orthorhombic lattice of primitive direct lattice constants a, b, and c.

    So, the total number of electrons is N = Na x Nb x Nc

    Is this right?

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    I have something to add. I think I figured out these questions; please confirm:

    1. k-spacing:

    Looks right on the initial post

    2. Number of electrons:

    [tex]N = (2N_a) (2 N_b)(2 N_c) = 8 N_a N_b N_c[/tex]

    From the 1D analysis at the edge of the 1st Brillouin zone:

    [tex] n_a \frac{2\pi}{L_a} = \frac{\pi}{a} \therefore n_a = \frac{L_a}{2a} = \frac{N_a a}{2a} = \frac{ N_a}{2} [/tex]

    so for half of the the 1st Brillouin zone. For the whole thing, the number of k-states is 2 n_a = N_a. There are two electrons per k-state so (2N_a) electrons for dimension "a". For the other two, the analysis is identical, which again leads to:

    [tex]N = (2N_a) (2 N_b)(2 N_c) = 8 N_a N_b N_c[/tex]

    Are those correct? Thank you very much
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    All the electrons are in FBZ distributed in several bands. If you mean how many electrons can settle in a specific band the answer is that for each k you can have at most two electrons with different spins and the number of k-points in FBZ is determined by the number of unit cells in the crystal.
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