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I Basically it's easy to solve the problems given recursive formulas (repost)

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    Your thread was closed for a reason. Did you reply to Mark44's private message?

    This thread is also closed until the issues in the PM are resolved.
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    @berkeman, the OP did reply to my PM, which resulting in me banning one of his accounts.

    The other thread (in the link in post #1 of this thread) was closed because 1) there was no effort shown, 2) the HW template was not used, and the problem was stated in what another member described as chaotic and confusing.

    With regard to this thread, it should not be posted here -- it should be posted in one of the Homework sections, and the description here is incomprehensible.

    @lsepolis123, you need to post your question in the same homework section you posted your first thread. You also need to use the homework template with a complete problem description, and you need to show what you have tried so far.

    This thread will stay closed.
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