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Announcement Bayesian Shirts added to PF Store!

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    I didn't know there was a PF store.
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    What's on the back?
    Probably a null event.:smile:
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    I'll definitely buy one.
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    On the homepage top sidebar "FOLLOW PHYSICS FORUMS" I've added a shopping cart icon as a link to the store for easier finding.
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    Excellent! Thanks.
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    A market analysis requires that you know the probability of someone buying a shirt given they're a moderate Bayesian vs given they're not a moderate Bayesian. The not moderate Bayesian category would include strong Bayesians, weak Bayesians, non Baysians who know they're non Bayesians, non Bayesians who don't know they're non Bayesians or don't care, and people who are Bayesians but don't know it and therefore don't identify as moderate Bayesians.

    Of course you might do a more detailed analysis on the above categories, or you might not.
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    looks great.
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    What a coincident. It was a little chilly this morning and needed an extra layer, so went for the PF T-shirts and had to choose from my great selection. I have the black one on still. Thanks for the store. I see another shirt in my future. :oldlove:
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    Given the focus of Bayesian methods on calculating posterior probabilities, shorts may have been a more appropriate choice than shirts.
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    very goodo0)
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    I have to get me one of these shirts! :biggrin:
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