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BBC News: Manned Mars Misson for 2018

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    This is a nice way to say "it will not happen".
    Unless some miracle occurs.
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    Ocean front property in Arizona for sale...
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    Don't forget that in 1972 Tito founded Wilshire Associates, whcih now provides investment management services to funds totalling of the order of $1 trillion.

    $1bn a year funding is only a 0.1% management fee away :smile:
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    Hey, buzz off ... this is my sucker, uh, oops ... "customer" :smile:
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    I find the article interesting for its science content and visionary nature.

    I can't tell if it will be funded or not. 1 or 2 billion isn't that much anymore. I really think it comes down the technical feasibility of his plan.
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    Five years? Ummm. . . .
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    Which is why anyone with an extra 1 or 2 billion should send it to me. It's not that much.
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    I think the 1000 lb gorilla in the room we all want to avoid talking about here is that any trip to Mars by any country, private firm, or international effort is likely gonna be a suicide mission. Maybe not so much a flyby but a 3 year deal with a landing is gonna be tough. This isn't really at all comparable to going to the moon considering the logistical issues and the number of things that have to go perfectly right over a long period of time. I don't think that's gonna change by 2018, 2028, or even 2038. So might as well do it in 2018 while we still have a somewhat naive sense of the danger and a pioneering spirit. That's how our species has always done it in the past.

    I just think you get a relatively older couple to go who have lived a full life and are fully aware of what the situation is. Not a bad way to go out if you think about it, and I think you'd have plenty of volunteers. And who knows, they just might make it back.
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    The current budget of NASA is over $18 billion annually. If the technology to get to Mars in 5 years was developed to the point of readiness for 1 or 2 billion I'm pretty sure they would have proposed doing it

    It seems to becoming more and more common for private companies and independent groups to make outlandish claims about possible imminent manned space missions.
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    How about a nice, slightly used bridge over the East River in New York City?
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    Doubt it. If you are awaiting donations now, there is no possible way to do this mission. The amount of time and planning would take years to accomplish. This is a pipe-dream.
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    Yet another private manned Mars mission? Ho hum.
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