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Best astrophysics book for starters?

  1. Feb 20, 2010 #1
    Hello everyone

    I'm attending first year of the danish Gymnasium and do feel seriously mathematically impaired, however i find especially astrophysics very interesting, and would like to know something about it.
    It should be said that my mathematical ability is absolutly stretched at the otherwise simple 'y=ax+b'. So i will need some mathematical skill also, i just thought i might aswell take the more interesting approach of astrophysics and learn what mathematics i need, as i discover stuff i dont understand.

    Anyway, i've been looking at Brian Greene's 'The Elegant Universe' as it looks like a good
    book for starters. I'm also thinking of buying Mike Inglis' 'Astrophysics is easy'.

    Do you have any idea as to which books i should read first?. As is probably understood by the thread, i need to start from scratch on this :).

    Thanks for listening!
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    The Elegant Universe is a great book, I suggest that you read it if you're interested in String Theory and Astrophysics. It gives you a background of what your going to get yourself into.

    Brian Greene's book is very easy to comprehend, hence I suggest you read it first.
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    Hi Gufberg:smile:,
    just go to the following link in search type "Elegant universe",the book is very interesting

    All the Best,
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    Thank you for advice !
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    I'm an astrophysics student, for beginners I think Carrol-Ostlie's "An Introduction to modern astrophysics" is the best.
    You can find it in .djvu if you search on the net.
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