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Best free software to make to do lists and get things organized?

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    Is there any, at all? Open to suggestions.

    No witty remarks like "a slip of paper and a pen"
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    Hi Moose_Ryder
    You could try emacs + org-mode it's very nice :)
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    Ok, got try it.

    BTW, it's not a note pad with a few more buttons right?
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    Oh no, definitely not, but if you don't already know emacs, and have not much interest for programming, than maybe you won't want to try it. the learning curve is very very steep (very rewarding though)
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    Any? Are you joking?

    If you are using Windows, then Sticky Notes already is already installed.


    If you are using Windows 8, then a free updated version of Office OneNote is available, which is a much more flexible alternative.


    If you don’t like MS, there’s free cross-platform Todoist Task Manager (iOS, Android, WWW, Mac OS, Windows).


    Personally, I use MS OneNote (& Outlook).


    AND this little beauty – MyPhoneExplorer (free).

    It has a Task list (with alarm!) and sync to my phone (SonyEricsson or Android). I always have my updated tasks, meetings, etc, with me wherever I go (with sync to Outlook, Google, Sunbird, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, etc).


    And there are lots of other alternatives...
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    I've tried just about everything over the years, from text files to Remember the Milk to enterprise-level issue tracking software.

    The best solution I have found is to install my own Wiki. On my hosted web account, I use Pmwiki, but any wiki will do. It's easy to make hierarchical lists, add attachments as documentation, prioritize, and it's extremely flexible.

    Just a thought. Most web hosting services make some kind of wiki software available, and it usually isn't too grisly to install. Pmwiki uses PHP, so you have to learn a smidgen of PHP to tune it. It can be passworded or open, or a mix of both, and that's easy to control also.

    Good luck!
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    Most Smartphones come with many options available too.

    For example, I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it comes with a Planner and Memo App pre-installed. If you don't like those, there are many other apps that can be downloaded and installed. Perhaps you could find one that has the features you want.

    I also use Google Calendar. All upcoming events are added to the calendar and I specify that a reminder should be emailed to myself two days before the event.

    I also happen to use Tadalists. I signed up ages ago, so can still access it, but they are no longer accepting new sign-ups.
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    This. 1000 times.
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