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Best guy movies

  1. Jun 10, 2008 #1

    D H

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    My son is getting married this weekend and my house happens to be full of women right now. Too much chick talk! The conversation switched to movies, and one of the women mentioned the Great Escape. My response: "Best guy movie ever!" (So it dates me). A second later, Magnificent Seven came up (the movies have actors in common). "Second best guy movie of all time!". So, my top two.

    The Men's Journal came out with a list of top 50 guy movies of all time: Men's Journal. Their choices:

    1&2 Dirty Harry and Godfather. OK, not my top choices, but right up there.

    9. Caddyshack. This is not top fifty material, let alone top ten.

    26. The Seven Samarai. Any movie where one has to read subtitles is not a guy movie.

    40. The Great Escape. My number one. Number 40???

    41. Three Stooges. I introduced by three sons to the Three Stooges by calling them into the living room to watch some educational TV. I love the Stooges, but they are not one notch below The Great Escape.

    So I beg to differ with the Men's Journal. What guy movies do you PF males like?

    PS. The PF sisterhood has zero votes in this thread.
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  3. Jun 10, 2008 #2
    Die Hard
    Terminator 1&2
    Saving Private Ryan
    Hard Boiled
    The Kickboxer
  4. Jun 10, 2008 #3

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    I like all of your top 10. Bruce Willis is the modern McQueen. Schwarzenegger, no comparison. The star of Alien/Aliens is a chick, but a dang tough chick.
  5. Jun 10, 2008 #4

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Hey!! Help me out here! I am the only male in a house full of women! I will soon start wearing pink shirts and getting my nails done if you guys don't help me out.
  6. Jun 10, 2008 #5


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    The Great Escape ranks up there.

    Then there is the Dirty Dozen.

    How about The Right Stuff (1983).

    I liked Le Mans (1971) with Steve McQueen (and pretty much anything with Steve McQueen). I have a thing for the Porsche 917 :!!)

    Do you want action/war, westerns, comedy, science fiction, . . . ?

    Battle of the Bulge.

    Henry Fonda's movies, e.g. Mister Roberts (1955) with Jack Lemmon.

    Contemporary - Gladiator.

    Martial arts - Ong-bak (2003) starring Tony Jaa

    Sci Fi - 2001 Space Odyssey, or more recently Serenity (2005)
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  7. Jun 10, 2008 #6


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    From the otherside of the pond;
    Italian job (original !)
    Long Good Friday
    Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels

    And of course any of the Adventures of Henry Jones Jnr.
  8. Jun 10, 2008 #7


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    Tough chicks are good! :approve:
  9. Jun 10, 2008 #8

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Any movie that is not about relationships will do at this point.

    Oh, and something where suspending my disbelief is not a big problem. I could never get past the premise of The Matrix.
  10. Jun 10, 2008 #9

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Philip K. Dick wrote some incredible stories. He specialized in short stories and novellas with more than a semblance of a plot and character development. His works, print or adapted to film, are right up there. Through in Harrison Ford or Schwarzenegger and you have a real winner in the guy movie category.
  11. Jun 10, 2008 #10
    The Big Lebowski is good.
  12. Jun 10, 2008 #11
    "Saving Private Ryan" is a great guy movie. After every time a watch it, I play "company of heros".
  13. Jun 10, 2008 #12
    Top Gun
    Hambuger Hill
  14. Jun 10, 2008 #13

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Thanks for the support. I have to go now; thanks to you all my pink shirt can stay safely in the back of the closet.
  15. Jun 10, 2008 #14
    Lock Up
    True lies
  16. Jun 10, 2008 #15


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  17. Jun 10, 2008 #16
    Charley Wilsons War is a good movie
    Blood Diamonds is good too.
    City of god is good, but sub-titled.
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  18. Jun 10, 2008 #17


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    Cinnamon Stick Swoon, Vanilla Verve, Rose Hip Shimmy, Lavender Love-Sniff....

    What? Huh? Oh sorry - I wandered into the wrong thread!! How embarassing! I thought this was the "Favorite Candle Scents of the PF Sisterhood" thread!!

    So sorry! I'll find my way out...

    :rofl: :tongue2:

    PS - DH, congrats on your son's wedding!
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  19. Jun 10, 2008 #18
    The Departed is a good modern classic.
  20. Jun 10, 2008 #19

    D H

    Staff: Mentor

    What? Oh. A comedienne in our midst.

    The door is just to your left. Watch your step; it leads to the volcano.

    Thanks much!
  21. Jun 11, 2008 #20
    Ones not mentioned yet....

    Reservoir Dogs

    Oceans Eleven

    Things to do in Denver When You're Dead

    Fight Club

    300 (not exactly a personal favourite but I think it's a quintessential guy flick)

    ... and I'm tapped. I'll come back if I can think of more.
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