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Best pathway to learn String theory

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    Hey all

    I hope to do an undergraduate degree in physics.I was just wondering if any one could please tell me the best pathway to learn string theory,M theory, General relativity and those stuff from following degrees.I mean that course modules that really help to learn above areas.
    1.Theoretical physics UCAS F340
    2.Mathematical physics UCAS F345
    3.Theoretical astrophysics

    Have a nice day!!
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    Gib Z

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    Well obviously you are interested in physics, so in the first year just take all the elementary physics and maths units, and from there onwards you can consult with a staff member as to how best continue. Don't restrict yourself to one field just yet, you may change your mind. Keep your options open and do what you enjoy, not what you told yourself you would do.
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    None of the courses you'll complete at undergraduate level will have that much of a bearing on your future career - these differences are decided at post-graduate level. Work hard in all of your courses at undergraduate level, and choose as many extra math modules as possible.
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