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Best Place To Find Loads of Sample Physic Problems (grade 12)

  1. Sep 29, 2007 #1
    Hi.. im a keen student in physics 12 under the bc corric.. right now were doing static equillibrium.. and im looking for sites, texts etc.. with loads of sample problems that can help me nail this unit and upcoming ones as well..

    any help would be great thanks
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    I'll assume that you are from BC, Canada so in that case I think it's worth your time and money to buy this if you have not already.

    http://www.castlerockresearch.com/SnapDetail.aspx?Product=75&Region=BC [Broken]

    From the site: "....Student Notes and Problems (SNAP) Workbook for Physics 12 is 100% aligned with the British Columbia curriculum...."

    I bought this book (and the math 12 one) in 04/05 when I was in grade 12 and it helped a lot. It's a pretty big book(around 500+pgs) and it contains lots of problems plus decent notes. The best thing I liked about this book is that in addition to providing a good sample of questions for you to do, it also prepares you for the provincial exam type questions.

    Some other res.

    -Old Prov Exams

    http://www.lightandmatter.com/area1.html [Broken]
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