What is Grade 12: Definition and 141 Discussions

Twelfth grade, senior year, or grade 12 is the final year of secondary school in most of North America. In other regions, it may also be referred to as class 12 or Year 13. In most countries, students are usually the ages of 17 and 18 years old. Some countries have a thirteenth grade, while other countries do not have a 12th grade/year at all. Twelfth grade is typically the last year of high school (graduation year).

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  1. D

    Is Fgy the Same as FN in a System with Two Masses and Friction?

    I am just confused on how to find the normal force/ FN of the first object. My classmates are saying Fgy is the exact same as Fn but I don’t get why Fgy= Fg sin theta Fgy= (20)(9.81) (sin35) Fgy= 112.5 Fgy = FN
  2. lion1014

    Grade 12 Kinematics -- Will the car stop before the cliff?

    t= v/a =25.8 m/s / -2.5 m/s^2 =10.1 s therefore, d= vi * t + 1/2at^2 = (25.8)(10.1) +1/2(-2.55)(10.1)^2 =131 m I got the first one right I think, but I don't know how to do b
  3. T

    Mechanics; grade 12 Projectile motion

    Summary:: Scooby-Doo wants a Scooby Snack. According to a website I looked up last night, Scooby can run at a speed of 36 km/h. He runs up a ramp (as shown, 2.0 meters high, 4.0 meters long) at that speed and off the edge. Three meters from the end of the ramp, Shaggy has a Scooby-Snack...
  4. CheatCod

    Help with a grade 12 physics project — small recoil powered car

    Summary:: We have to make a car which -Has to have a trigger mechanism -after 5s the car launches a projectile backwards to push the car forwards at least 6m -NO ELECTRICITY ALLOWED, no motor, timer, etc -weight limit of 1kg Here it goes, we have to create a car powered solely by gravitational...
  5. V

    Complex Kinematics and Dynamics

    Homework Statement Two pucks (5 kg each) made of Teflon are on a long table, also made of Teflon. Puck A is sitting at rest on the left end of the table. Puck B is 15 m away at the right hand end of the table, and is travelling toward Puck A with an initial speed of 0.5 m/s. A person on the...
  6. V

    Complex Kinematics and Dynamics

    Homework Statement Two pucks (5 kg each) made of Teflon are on a long table, also made of Teflon. Puck A is sitting at rest on the left end of the table. Puck B is 15 m away at the right hand end of the table, and is travelling toward Puck A with an initial speed of 0.5 m/s. A person on the...
  7. M

    GRADE 12: Energy, Springs and maybe momentum/collisions?

    Homework Statement A spring of mass “m” is put on a launcher elevated at “θ” degrees above the horizontal. It is pull back a distance “x” and launched at a target that must travel vertically “dy“ and a horizontal distance of “dx”. The spring has a constant of “k”.Derive an equation (or series...
  8. David John

    Forces Grade 12 Physics Question

    Homework Statement At a construction site, a small crane is raising two boxes of nails on a plank to the roof. One box has already been opened and is half full, while the other box is new. The boxes, including the nails, weigh 10 kg and 20 kg, respectively, and are both the same size. c) If...
  9. David John

    Coulomb's Law Grade 12 Question -- Net Electric Field affecting a Charge

    Homework Statement Examine the charge distribution shown. b) What is the net electric field acting on charge 1? Homework Equations I used the equation E= (kq1/r^2) + (kq2/r^2) The Attempt at a Solution I subbed 9.0 x 10^9 in for k, 3.0 x 10^-5 for both q1 and q2, and 2m for r. My final answer...
  10. Specter

    Circular motion grade 12 physics

    Homework Statement Keys with a combined mass of 0.100 kg are attached to a 0.25 m long string and swung in a circle in the verical plane. a) What is the slowest speed that the keys can swing and still maintain a circular path? b) What is the tension in the string at the bottom of the circle...
  11. K

    MHB Grade 12 financial math

    An alumnus of a local high school donated $50000 to the school. The amount was invested for 3 years at 7.75%, compounded quarterly. The school has agreed to use only the interest earned on the investment to buy sports equipment. How much money will be available for sports equipment at the end of...
  12. S

    Building a Self-Contained Egg Tower Device: Grade 12 Physics ISU Project

    Homework Statement For my Grade 12 Physics ISU, basically I have to build a self-contained device (Can complete the task on its own after setting it up) using physics that can pick up an raw egg inside an egg cup and place safely it on a table/tower 1m away then continue 1m past the table. The...
  13. M

    Physics Investigatory Project for grade 12?

    Hello, I've submitted 8 topics already but sadly it was all rejected, I could really use some help to look for investigatory projects about physics
  14. allanwinters

    Grade 12 chemistry homework help -- 2n^2 electrons possible in each energy level

    Homework Statement A classmate says "Since there are 2n^2 electrons possible in each energy level, and the atom with the greatest number of electrons has 118 electrons, that must mean that u is the highest possible value for n, because a value of 7 gives 2n^2 = 98 nad a value of 8 gives...
  15. U

    Muzzle Velocity by Analyzing Ballistic Pendulum

    Homework Statement Finding the equation for the muzzle velocity by using conservation of energy. 2. The attempt at a solution Ek+Eg=Ek2+Eg2 Well I'm 100% sure the kinetic energy of the ball is transferred into the catcher. The displacement is 1.9cm which is 0.019m. Mb=0.0077Kg (mass of ball)...
  16. T

    Derivation of Applied Force in a Grade 12 Force Question

    Homework Statement When an applied force elevated at angle θ is used to drag mass m along a surface with μ as the coefficient of friction, the mass accelerates horizontally with some value, a. Derive the cleanest and most simplified formula for the applied force, Fapplied, that will give the...
  17. EmilyBergendahl

    Interference in Thin Films: Grade 12 Optics Review

    Homework Statement Would you see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded by air and a film of soap on glass? Why or why not? Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution Yes, you would see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded...
  18. EmilyBergendahl

    The Diffraction Grating (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement Do the maxima created by a diffraction grating all have the same intensity? Explain. Homework Equations mλ = wsinθ (?) The Attempt at a Solution According to the back of my textbook (Nelson Physics 12), the answer is no. I believe the answer may have to do with the fact...
  19. EmilyBergendahl

    Electric Potential Difference during thunder storm

    Homework Statement During a thunder storm, movement of water molecules within clouds creates friction which causes the bottom of the clouds to become negatively charged. This means that the bottom of the cloud and the ground begin to act like parallel plates. Once the electric field between the...
  20. EmilyBergendahl

    Work and the Frictional Force (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement A boy does 465 J of work pulling an empty wagon along level ground with a force of 111 N [31° below the horizontal]. A frictional force of 155 N opposes the motion and is actually slowing the wagon down from an initial high velocity. The distance the wagon travels is _____...
  21. K

    EPE and particle collision (grade 12)

    Homework Statement An alpha particle moving at 3.0 x 106 m/s [east] (m2 = 6.64 x 10-27 kg and q2 = +3.2 x 10-19 C) is headed directly towards a proton moving at 5.0 x 106 m/s [west] (m1 = 1.67 x 10-27 kg, q1 = 1.6 x 10-19 C). Find the distance of closest approach, assuming that they start from...
  22. K

    Basic particle accelerator - escape speed (grade 12)

    Homework Statement The device has two parallel plates, one positively charged and one negatively. The positive plate has a hole to allow electrons to fire out of it. b) How can the device be modified to accelerate protons? c) How does the escape velocity of a proton compare to that of an...
  23. K

    E-field, force, & changing sign of charge (grade 12)

    Homework Statement a) Find the net electric field at a point b) Find the net force experienced by a charge of -1.2 x 10-5 C placed at that point c) What would happen if the charge changed signs? Homework Equations FE = qε The Attempt at a Solution a) Solved: 6.7 x 104 N/C [E 63° N] b) FE =...
  24. B

    Grade 12 Physics: How hard is it?

    Hi, I was wondering how hard grade 12 physics might be for someone who took grade 11 physics in summer school. I'm afraid that I won't do well in grade 12(the class starts in a few days) because I did grade 11 physics in the summer and we rushed through a lot of units like energy and electricity...
  25. E

    Easy conservation of energy problem? (long jump)

    Homework Statement m(person) = 60kg v1 = 3.0m/s v2 = 0 d = 2m y1 = -1m y2 = 0 A person is completing a long jump. At event 1 they are 1m in the air and are moving at a rate of 3.0m/s. At event 2 they are at rest on the ground, 2m from their initial landing place. What is the stopping force...
  26. angryzeena

    Mother of a grade 12 physics student

    We are looking for help with grade 12 physics - starting with tension problems
  27. Dhyan Patel

    Grade 12 Kinematics Vector Problem....

    Homework Statement An airplane travels at 885 km/h [W35S]. Wind blows against the plane with a velocity of 150 km/h [E55N]. What's the displacement with direction? Homework Equations v=v1^2+v2^2sqrtThe Attempt at a Solution
  28. E

    Grade 12 Math (inverse of functions)

    f(x)=[((x-1)/(x+1))+((x-1)/(x+1))]1/2 What is F-1(x) No matter what I try I am unable to isolate for y after switching x's with y's. Any ideas?
  29. B

    Grade 12 physics projectile concept question

    I had a physics lab that is introducing Potential and Kinetic energy into are unit on projectiles. The first question was solve for the impact speed of a projectile launched horizontally at a 13m/s, this impact speed is -14.36m/s. The next question was find the impact speed of the same...
  30. R

    Artificial Magnetic Fields – Electromagnetism (Grade 12) -- CRT e-beam deflection

    Homework Statement A cathode-ray tube aims electrons parallel to a nearby wire that carries current in the same direction. What will happen to the cathode rays in terms of deflection? The Attempt at a Solution [/B]The Motor force deflects the cathode rays ?
  31. S

    A grade 12 physics dynamics problem

    Homework Statement A boy drags his 80 n sled at a constant speed up a 15 degree hill. He does so by pulling with a 35 n force on a rope attached to a sled. If the rope is inclined at 35 degrees to the horizontal, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between snow and sled At the top of...
  32. C

    Solve f(x) Diff. at x=2: Find a,b,c Values

    Homework Statement The problem is: f(x) = {ax^2 - b / (x - 2), x < 2 1/4(x^2) - 3c, x >= 2 If f is differentiable at x=2, what are the values of a, b, and c? In case it is hard to see, I have provided an image 2. Homework Equations I know that the limit definition of a...
  33. S

    Grade 12 Motion Problem Question

    Hi there everyone, I just finished this question but have no idea whether it is right or wrong. I have attached a picture of my work and so can anyone just look it over and see if it is correct please? I've uploaded the question sheet (focus on number 4 only) and my answer to number 4. Thank...
  34. P

    Grade 12 Physics-Finding the Spring Constant

    Homework Statement This was a mini-lab and the task was to fire a rubber band by stretching it a known distance, shooting it straight horizontally from a known height. Based on where the rubber band lands determine the elastic coefficient. Known data from experiment: mass=0.30g, height=0.412m...
  35. M

    Kinematics grade 12 physics

    Hey, so I've been having some problems with Kinematics in reviewing for my finals next week! One question in particular I need help with, because I don't know how to solve it, and I am very bad at conveying my solutions on tests. Can anyone give me a hand? The question is : a basketball...
  36. Last chance U

    High school Grade 12 vectors

    Homework Statement Hi, for some reason I can't post my homework question (Grade 12 math) How do i fix this? Here's my homework question Homework Statement In Exercises 15-30, add the given vectors by using the trigonometric functions and the Pythagorean theorem...
  37. S

    Grade 12 Physics - Circular Motion - Universal Gravitation

    Homework Statement This question is from the Nelson Grade 12 Physics textbook. The force of attraction between masses m1 and m2 is 26N in magnitude. What will the magnitude of the force become if m2 is tripled, and the distance between m2 and m1 is halved? Homework Equations...
  38. P

    Grade 12 Physics: Banked Roads and Friction Analysis

    Grade 12 physics help please! Homework Statement 2. A car is traveling along the QEW. It leaves the highway on a turn that has a radius of 90.0m. a. If the coefficient of maximum static friction between the tires and the road is 0.89, and typical speeds are 100km/h, what is the minimum angle...
  39. 0

    Grade 12 2-D Wave Interference

    Hello and thank you! I am having trouble understanding Mr. Thomas Young's equations for the double-slit apparatus with the bands etc. Specifically, for constructive interference: Length = PS1-PS2 = n(lamda) What I understand is that this n value is the phase shift in their wavelength...
  40. S

    Ten Kinematic Problems Grade 12 Physics

    Homework Statement See attachment, it is the question sheet. Homework Equations vf^2=vi^2+2ad d=vit+1/2at^2 vf=vi+at d=vit-1/2at^2 d=vavt The Attempt at a Solution 1. An object such as a ball let go by a person's hand falling vertically downward toward Earth has a velocity and...
  41. E

    Engineering Should I take grade 12 biology for engineering?

    Right now, I'm in grade 12 and already have my courses chosen, but I chose to take a data management math course instead of biology. I don't doubt I'll enjoy the math class, as I'm interested in stats, but will not having biology close doors for me? I still haven't decided on what branch of...
  42. J

    Grade 12 Physics, Coefficient of Friction

    Homework Statement Derivation of an equation for the coefficient of kinetic friction *Since it's just a derivation, values won't be required, right? *No mass was given Homework Equations Ff = μFN FN = FgCosθ Fnet= Fapp - Ff - FgSinθ <- Not sure about this. The Attempt at a...
  43. M

    Complex Kinematic problem for grade 12 phyiscs

    a daredevil motorcyclist attempts to leap a 48m wide gorge. At the side where the cyclist starts, the ground slopes upward at an angle of 15 degree. beyond the far rim, the ground is level and is 5.9m below the near rim. what is the minimum speed necessary for the cyclist to clear the gorge[b]
  44. A

    Neon laser grade 12 physics

    A single slit is illuminated with a helium-neon laser whose wavelength is 633 nm. If the slit width is 2.2 x 10 e-5 m, calculate the position of the third maximum in degrees 2. Homework Equations Sin Theta(m) = (m + 0.5) Lambda/w 3. The Attempt at a Solution Sin Theta(3) = (3 +...
  45. D

    Schools Taking First-year University Physics w/o Grade 12 Algebra?

    Hey everyone, I'm a philosophy major hoping to pick up physics as a minor. However, I do not have the grade 12 maths from high school (I goofed off a lot :)). I was wondering if first-year university physics is doable without the knowledge of the algebraic equations and applications? I...
  46. L

    Grade 12 Math - Trigonometry Question.

    Homework Statement tanxsinx+sinx=0 0≤x≤2∏ What is the largest domain given? Problem. I'm not sure what to do with this question. It's probably pretty simple, but I'm absolutely rubbish at math. Hopefully someone can help me with this? Thanks. -Lily
  47. M

    Grade 12 Circular Motion Question

    Homework Statement http://i829.photobucket.com/albums/zz219/fuzzy1233/p.pngHomework Equations Fnet=ma=mv^2/r Fg=mg The Attempt at a Solution Since sides length 3,4 and 5m are given and is in a right angle, I can solve for the angle between 5 and 3 (53.1 degrees) and between 5 and 4 (37...
  48. R

    2D Momentum and Collisions Lab Help Grade 12

    Homework Statement For a lab, I have performed a completely inelastic collision using 2 masses. One mass is 0.583 kg, and the other is the unknown we have to find. Using an air table, I was given the dots to show the movements of the objects as they intersect and them move together. I have...