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Best text for graduate analysis?

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    My course is using Rudin, however I've heard that it's not the best text for learning measure theory and extremely difficult. What are some good supplements?
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    I went thru most of Royden first before tackling Rudin. Folland is also commonly used.
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    Real and Functional Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (Hardcover)
    by Serge Lang (Author)
    -Like the style
    -Cleverly avoids typical tedious integration construction where one defines the integral for positive functions then real functions as differences of positive functions then complex as two real functions
    Functional Analysis
    Frigyes Riesz
    Béla Sz.-Nagy
    -good to have
    -many would find bad as a first or primary source
    General Theory of Functions and Integration
    Angus E. Taylor
    -more context and details than usual
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    those all look good. my analyst friends also like wheeden and zygmund, and stein and shakarchi.

    one of my friends, malcolm adams, also cowrote one, by adams and guillemin, whose name is measure theory and probability.
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    lang's analysis I and analysis Ii are good. lang;s treatment of measure theory is complete and beautiful! also hl royden is good for measure theory. rr goldberg is better than rudin for one variable stuff. bartle has excellent tratement on integration. also bartle and sherbat have good chapter on henstock integration. The academic series text by scwartz also contains readble intro to henstock. another god book on measure thory with radical good approach is asplund and bungart
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