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Quantum Best textbook for learning quantum mechanics?

  1. May 7, 2015 #1
    I am looking for a textbook for learning quantum mechanics.

    So, i have never had a course in quantum mechanics(currently in a class called modern physics where they introduce us to modern physics topics, but no qm classes)

    So, I was looking for book for self learning. I might take graduate course on QM afterwards or might want to do research in the field.(i know this is a bit much for someone who hasn't taken a class yet,) but if i choose to do those things i want to do really well.

    So, which book is best for self learning. if the book reviewed/went over the necessary math as well, that would be really helpfull. Again, i am preety much trying to complete undergrad level by myself(perhaps even a bit more).
    With all the resources online(mit ocw for example) i think i can do it.

    So challenging is good. But challenging in a sense that the problems are difficult. NOT if it is challenging
    because it expects me to have prior knowledge and i dont have it. Not that kind of challenging.

    So, basiclly, book that is tough but explains things really well. WIll give me very good understanding of topics. prepare me for a graduate level class really really well.

    Any you can think of?
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