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Best way of getting into cancer research?

  1. Nov 7, 2015 #1
    Hi all!

    I have recently found that I want to get into cancer research after my studies, and want to know more about my options.

    Right now I'm in the first year of my masters, and have finished most of the standard subjects for a physics degree, I think. I will be continuing on with different areas of quantum mechanics (although that could be changed) over the next semester, and then start writing my thesis.

    Is there any use for me in cancer research? What do I need to do to become useful? I have not yet chosen an area for my thesis, so there is still some freedom to lean some direction with that.

    Any thoughts? Also, for other people than me, what is the optimal path you could take, even going into university, if you want to do science on cancer?
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    Cancer research is a pretty broad area.

    The first thing is that you'll have to start by narrowing it down a little. There are a lot of fields in physics that can have applications to cancer detection or therapy. Medical Physics is probably the largest one.

    Do you have any idea of the type of project that you'd like to get involved with?
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