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Best way to draw out a molecule for forum question?

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    I mean what is the most common way people do this? I was using something called chemdoodle but i couldnt figure out how to number the atoms. Is chemdoodle the best or something better? thanks
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    Whenever I need to draw a molecule I go for ACD Labs ChemSketch, but I add annotations in Photoshop.
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    ChemDoodle has Atom tag/numbering tools. Click on the charge tool on the left toolbar to see them. Very nice, they auto increment for you in different forms. ChemDoodle is by far the best chemical drawing software available.

    They are also very responsive, so you should contact them if you have questions.
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    ok ill try chemddodle again..i gave up because of the numbering problem i was having.. btw Im talking about the online chemdoodle widget thing not the download software
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