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Best way to neutralize alcohol in your body?

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    Is there an easy way to help neutralize/digest alcohol once you're intoxicated? For instance, would drinking lots of things with aceitic acid cause esterification to occur within your body, getting the alcohol out quicker? Is there something else that could be done?
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    Time is the only way. The are probably as many ways to try to get rid of alcohol/kill hangovers as there are to get drunk in the first place. The only way to get rid of alcohol faster would be to tell your body to make more alcohol dehydrogenase. But there is nothing you can do about that.
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    Your body's elimination of alcohol from your blood is a zero order reaction done by the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in your liver, meaning that it doesnt depend on the temperature of concentration of the alcohol, just how much alcohol dehydrogenase you have.

    As delicious as it sounds, I wonder, if you could drink a glass of alcohol dehydrogenase miture and have it start to work breaking down the alcohol when it is still being digested?
    But since alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream so quickly, I wonder how effective that would be?
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    Well now, getting rid of - or avoiding - hangovers is a completely different matter than neutralizing the alcohol. And there's really only one, ultra-simple way of doing that: drink lots of water. Most of the symptoms of a hangover are a result of dehydration.
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    Unfortunately I think the rather strong acids in your stomach would denature the enzyme faster than it would get to the alcohol. I remember hearing at school that alcohol (pure ethanol) was the antidote for antifreeze poisioning so I guess it might work in the reverse situation (I wouldn't recommend trying it though!)
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    Remember that 'alcohol' is a trivial name for ethanol, but that does bot mean that all alcohol found in bars etc. is pure ethanol.
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    Getting hammered is also a "cure" for wood alcohol i.e. methanol poisoning.
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    Don't try it. Antifreeze in and of itself isn't poisonous, but enzymes in the liver turn it into oxalic acid, which is poisonous. Ethanol inhibits those enzymes long enough for the antifreeze to be excreted safely... so drinking antifreeze to "cure" being drunk would have little effect. The ethanol would shield you from its effects... but it wouldn't affect the ethanol's effects.
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    hmmm... actually there is a way to get ride of the alcohol in the body, my advise is that u should drink lots of water here are the reasons why;

    1. drinking water causes you to urinate, thus urinating help you to eliminate alcohol in your bloodstream
    2. alcohol deprives you of your bodily fluids, which is very dangerous you might die sleeping ^_^ [this is serious though] - drinking water is the best natural way to get ride of alcohol in the body
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    Drinking water won't make your kidneys work any faster (possibly the opposite), it'll just give you more diluted urine. And it doesn't really matter whether you urinate or not because the alcohol can't really be reabsorbed from your bladder.

    This thread's four years old btw.
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    On the other hand it has been suggested you might inhibit the alcohol dehydrogenase with a nicotinamide analog if you want to prolong the effect. Suggested, but not too seriously.
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    There exist a specific antagonist to the action of alkohol at the relevant GABA receptors which had been developed by Hoffmann La Roche and is called Ro 15-4513.
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