What is Neutralize: Definition and 24 Discussions

A neutralizing antibody (NAb) is an antibody that defends a cell from a pathogen or infectious particle by neutralizing any effect it has biologically. Neutralization renders the particle no longer infectious or pathogenic.
Neutralizing antibodies are part of the humoral response of the adaptive immune system against viruses, intracellular bacteria and microbial toxin. By binding specifically to surface structures (antigen) on an infectious particle, neutralizing antibodies prevent the particle from interacting with its host cells it might infect and destroy. Immunity due to neutralizing antibodies is also known as sterilizing immunity, as the immune system eliminates the infectious particle before any infection takes place.

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  1. C

    How to neutralize bromine that's eaten through it's container?

    I'm not sure exactly how this happened as it was before I was employed here more than half a year ago, but I believe bromine liquid was stored improperly in one of our chemical cabinets. It ate through the container and saturated a small portion of the bottom of the cabinet. The spill was...
  2. watersplit

    Neutralize chloramines in tap water

    Hi I want to remove chloramines from tap water and I read it's possible to do by adding ascorbic acid in the water. Here is the source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloramination#Removing_monochloramine_from_water So I was wondering what substances are the chloramines being changed into (the...
  3. J

    Noise cancellation technique can be used to neutralize laser weapons?

    I had an argument with someone about laser weapons and he/she said "haven’t you listened about noise cancelation technology ? the light is electromagnetic wave as the sound is mechanical wave . The laser rays can be canceled the same way and even using the beam’s own energy ". there is any...
  4. J

    Does white vinegar really neutralize airborne odors and not just mask them?

    I had a small device (the Mosfet in a lamp dimmer to be technical) burn out recently, but when it did it smoked a bit. The smell was enough to be noticeable throughout the house, so I held my breath, opened the windows and placed a fan aiming out the door to best rid the odor. After an hour...
  5. P

    Find volume to neutralize solution

    Homework Statement What volume in milliliters of .500 M HNO3 is required to neutralize 40.00 milliliters of a 0.200 M NaOH solution? Homework Equations The balanced chemical equation HNO3(aq) + NaOH(aq) → H2O(l) + NaNO3(aq) The Attempt at a Solution .200 mol NaOH/1L x 0.04000 L x 1 mol HNO3/...
  6. Tom Krall

    Neutralize Hydrogen sulfide from piled sargasso seaweed

    Sargasso seaweed is bulldozed into heaps 100 feet back from beaches, but still emitting stench after years of weathering. I would like to neutralize asap after removal from waters edge. H2S rendering adjacent residences uninhabitable.
  7. A

    Alka seltzer in water question

    Hi everyone. I was testing the pH of water that had alka seltzer placed in it. I used Bromothymol blue indicator to see the pH. The color changed to yellow, which suggests that the water was now acidic. I assume this is because of the CO2 bubbles that form which can acidify the H2O. Am I...
  8. V

    Why don't acids react with neutral salts in solution?

    Hi I am new to the concept of neutralization. My teacher told me that acids do not react with neutral salts. I want to know why not. If both are dissolved in water and both completely dissociate, why can't the ions of acid and salt exchange and perform a double displacement reaction. Moreover I...
  9. J

    Concentration of a salt produced by neutralization reaction

    Homework Statement 10.00 cm3 of 1.00 mol dm–3 sulfuric acid is fully neutralized by 20.00 cm3 of 1.00 mol dm–3 of sodium hydroxide. What is the concentration, in mol dm–3, of sodium sulfate solution produced by the reaction? A 0.33 B 0.50 C 0.67 D 1.00 Correct answer = A Homework Equations...
  10. I

    Enthelpy change of a neutralisation reaction

    Homework Statement Given the reaction K2CO3(s) + 2HCl(aq) → 2KCl(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l), I need to find the enthalpy change in J, given that: The specific heat capacity of water is 4.2J g-1 °C-1, and The mass change of potassium carbonate is 2.98g, and the temperature change was °6C, and the...
  11. hackhard

    Fully discharge a metal plate?

    is there any way to fully neutralize a charged metal plate ? connecting it to metal body of relatively huge capacitance will make its charge negligible but not zero? is there any other way?
  12. alr1014

    Would rubbing alcohol and vinegar neutralize each other?

    I was reading a post on Facebook about cleaning and it said to mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar and put it in your windown washer fluid tank. Someone commented that it would corrode or eat away at the tubing. I keep thinking the mixture would be an acid /base mixture and would neutralize. I was...
  13. T

    Medical Help Tess Neutralize Chemical Reaction Fumes in Her Home

    Hi, I wonder if you guys could help me. During the summer I used a mould spray on upvc windows which contained anionic surfactants with chlorine bleaching agents. I rinsed this off but it left a white film on the glass and so I used a household cleaner called Flash which has < 5 % Non-ionic...
  14. C

    Neutralize EMF Radiation w/ Vibrational Energy Hologram

    A hologram with "vibrational energy" to neutralize EMF radiation within its radius? http://www.safespaceprotection.com/qanda.aspx How do the products work? Our products 'repattern' the electromagnetic field by creating a 'coherent polarizing field effect'. When the charged particles are...
  15. X

    Neutralize chlorine solution with sodium percarbonate solution

    Hello, Would it be feasible to neutralize the effects of a 3% sodium hypochlorite and water solution by adding an appropriate proportion of an 85% sodium percarbonate powder and water? What would the appropriate proportion be to facilitate this premise? Would the resulting reaction be safe...
  16. R

    How to Neutralize THC in Plant Material

    Recently a friend of mine asked me, if I know how to neutralize THC in plant material. He probably wanted to get rid of the drug, I didn;t ask him that. I have forgotten it but it raised a question in my mind and I do not like questions unanswered. So I ask this questions: If I want to...
  17. R

    How much base to neutralize acid?

    I have a question in my environmental engineering class that goes like this: if 100mg H2SO4 is added to 1 Liter of water, how many milligrams of NaOH (strong base) must be added to neutralize the acid? the answer is 81.6mg, but how do i get to the answer? i tried writing a reaction of...
  18. D

    Finding force needed to neutralize a vector

    Homework Statement What force is needed to neutralize the resultant vector 150g at 36.87 degrees Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea what this is even asking me to do. Please Help! Thanks
  19. C

    Calculating Amount of H2SO4 Needed to Neutralize NaOH

    Homework Statement To completely neutralise 1 mol, i.e. 40.0 g, of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), 1 mol, i.e. 36.5 g, of hydrochloric acid (HCl) is required. Determine the amount (using the units mol and gram) of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) required to neutralise the same amount of sodium hydroxide...
  20. I

    I need to neutralize bleach in my heating system

    I used a propane gas tank to add thermal storage to my out door wood burner. The ethyl mercaptan residue mixed in the water and the smell about drove us out of the house. I added bleach to the tank which did a fair job of killing the smell, now I need to know how to neutralize...
  21. B

    Neutralize chlorine in hot tub

    Is it possible to neutralize the chlorine in a hot tub before using it? I figure if you can sanitize the water after using it and then neutralize it before using it, your skin wouldn't be absorbing all the harmful chemicals. I love my tub, but don't like soaking in the hot chlorine water with...
  22. O

    How to neutralize static on styrofoam

    I crumbled some styrofoam peanuts today, with the intent to pack the bits inside a chamber for insulation. In the process, I noticed they built up a strong static charge. It got to the point where more bits of foam were sticking to my fingers instead of falling into the chamber. And those that...
  23. wasteofo2

    Best way to neutralize alcohol in your body?

    Is there an easy way to help neutralize/digest alcohol once you're intoxicated? For instance, would drinking lots of things with aceitic acid cause esterification to occur within your body, getting the alcohol out quicker? Is there something else that could be done?
  24. wasteofo2

    Chemical to neutralize lactic acid quickly?

    After doing my first track practice today (and running about 4 miles), I began thinking about what a pain it is that lactic acids can't be neutralized quicker than they currently are. Is it known what chemical in the body eventually breaks them down, and is it available as a suplement?