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Best way to start a career in computer science without a BS

  1. Jan 18, 2012 #1
    Hello, i am from Peru and about to finish my degree in Industrial Engineering in March with outstanding grades.

    In order to start a career in Computer science i have thought of this options:
    1. Start a BS in CS from an ivy league school. (will my good grades in my previous degree help?)
    2. Do a masters degree in CS: i think people with a bs in cs will know more than me
    3. Do a 1 year master conversion program in the UK: its incredibly short, i don't think i will have the required knowledge to be the best. I would then do a regular masters
    4. Do a second undergraduate degree in the UK

    I would prefer the uk options as i have family there

    Please help me out guys, i am really lost, no idea where to start, and no one else to talk to
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    What area of computer science? Some areas have more "prerequisites" than others, and your IE experience will probably be more applicable to certain areas.
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    In Which areas will my I.E degrEe benefit me?

    I was thinking artificial inteligence although I am not sure. I didn't have an oportunity to study aboard before. I want to study cs because I think I have realized that talking to computers is what I ambest at.
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