Best way to start a career in computer science without a BS

  1. Hello, i am from Peru and about to finish my degree in Industrial Engineering in March with outstanding grades.

    In order to start a career in Computer science i have thought of this options:
    1. Start a BS in CS from an ivy league school. (will my good grades in my previous degree help?)
    2. Do a masters degree in CS: i think people with a bs in cs will know more than me
    3. Do a 1 year master conversion program in the UK: its incredibly short, i don't think i will have the required knowledge to be the best. I would then do a regular masters
    4. Do a second undergraduate degree in the UK

    I would prefer the uk options as i have family there

    Please help me out guys, i am really lost, no idea where to start, and no one else to talk to
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  3. What area of computer science? Some areas have more "prerequisites" than others, and your IE experience will probably be more applicable to certain areas.
  4. In Which areas will my I.E degrEe benefit me?

    I was thinking artificial inteligence although I am not sure. I didn't have an oportunity to study aboard before. I want to study cs because I think I have realized that talking to computers is what I ambest at.
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