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Better Acquaint'g Myself w/Gen'l Physics

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    Hi everyone,

    I am so glad to have found this forum. I am just now starting to look thru the different threads because i need all the help that i can get. i purchased a complete instructor solution manual for my particular general physics textbook [commercial link removed] to help me but i still feel better communicating with others, such as utilizing a site like physicsforums.com, because i think i will learn more - eventually that is.

    It is sometimes difficult for me to ask and express to my instructor physics type questions because i do not always know how to word the question without fouling it up somehow, but now i can read how others ask questions on this forum, and i can ask here first which should help me with communicating with my instructor and help me in developing physics communication skills or plain ole' self confidence with respect to physics communication.

    I am glad to have found this forum. I will have questions later after I learn how to ask them.
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    Oh, it's spam. I was busy typing a response.
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    Yeah, I was going to say what's up but I noticed 'commerical link' removed and the fact that there isn't actually any content in the post changed my mind. Even little kids can ask questions if they don't know exactly how to word them, spam spam spam.
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    The Mentors could not decide for sure if this was a spam, so we decided to simply remove the link but let the thread stand. If this is a spammer, chances are he/she won't be back and this will go away soon enough. If it isn't, then I definitely have plenty of questions to ask this person, especially on the academic legality of having "instructors solution manual".

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