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Schools Better college + less convenient or inverse?

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I'm about to get my degree in electrical engineering with a 4.0 from utk (ranked maybe 70 in ee). Further, since it is a local university, I'm getting paid 20k/yr through scholarships for my bs and may be able to land a similar situation for my ms, i.e. no debt.

Should I use my scores to try for a better ranked ee college for my ms (probably going into debt instead of being paid and definitely leaving the comfort of my home) or should I stay where I am now?

On top of this, my last BS semester will be with 9 hours of MS (I'll have no other classes to take). Thus, by leaving, I will delay my attainment of an MS by 9 hr.

What do you guys think?
Well, with a gpa like that, (and hopefully some research or something) you should be able to get into a grad school somewhere that offers a tuition waiver and stipend I would think. That would be a way to finish out your education without debt. You should go to grad school somewhere that has a program that interests you.

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