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Better than counting on fingers

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    Consider line segments oriented vertically, horizontally, and either diagonally. The individual segments may be seen as stretching between an imaginary 12 and 6 o'clock; or 1:30 and 7:30; or 3 and 9; or 4:30 and 10:30. Thus give them singly or doubly a common center.

    By using them so - individually or dually - they can symbolize exactly 10 characters with distinction, clarity, simplicity and universality. In other words, taking one or two elements (here specific line segments) at a time from 4 elements total yields 10 possible combinations, and a fundamental representation in base ten.

    Do you see any application of such archetypal numeration?
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    erm, a metric clock??? sry i dont understand this
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    I do not forsee any advantage from using these symbols instead of the traditional decimal digits.

    (Nor do I See why you would call it archetypal)
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    phlegmy, I offer how one can symbolize Arabic numerals more elementally, distinctly and discernibly. Four overall diagonal, horizontal, and vertical line segments taken one or two at a time give ten unique representations for the numerals 0 through 9.

    Thank you for your feedback, Hurkyl. I call it archetypal because it has the potential to serve as the basis for a more readily perceptible and intuitive numeration. The commonality of Arabic numerals relegates my system to the category of Esperanto for the moment. However, current decimal displays require seven binary pixels, compared to four for my convention.
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    I don't see how it satisfies any of those criteria.

    I'm not sure what "elementally" is, nor what difference you intend between "distinctly" and "discernibly". Your symbols are going to be less discernible because they are too similar. | and \ look different enough under carefully controlled conditions, but will be too easily confused in general. For example, when handwritten, or in italics. Furthermore, your numerals will conflict with the existing operator symbols for addition, subtraction, negation, multiplication, absolute value, and even one flavor of division.

    I highly doubt the feasibility of having overlapping LED's; you are going to have to break each line into two parts, and will therefore need 8 LED's.
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    That is what I needed to know.
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    Science fiction illustration.
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