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B Beyond the standard model through 'mini spirals'

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    Here is my best shot at it. :cool:
    https://www.sissa.it/sites/default/...g Oltre il Modello Standard attraverso le.pdf

    Also the "public version"

    Salucci and Karukes showed that, in the objects they observed, the structure of dark matter mimics visible matter in its own way. "If, for a given mass, the luminous matter in a galaxy is closely compacted, so it is the dark matter. Similarly, if the former is more widespread than in other galaxies, so is the latter."

    "It is a very strong effect that cannot be explained trivially using the Standard Model of particles." The Standard Model is the most widely-accepted theory of Physics in the scientific community. It explains fundamental forces (and particles of matter), however it contains some doubtful points, most notably the fact that it does not include gravitational force. Phenomena such as the existence of dark matter and dark energy make it clear to scientists that there is another sort of physics yet to be discovered and explored.
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