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Big Bang Theory Self-Contradictory?

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    Big Bang Theory Self-Contradictory!?

    There is so much hooplah floating around cyber-space. And there's way too much to talk about in terms of BBT. So, how is one to differentiate between truth and unfounded philosophy.

    And everyone seems to be shooting their mouth off lately as far as what their personal beliefs are. Some "physmaticians" and so-called cosmologists are creating ideas that are self-contradictory at face value. At a certain point, everyone's arguments are blurring into one mass of nonpoint rambling.

    There are so many points to cover: dark matter, FLRW models, Red-shift, background radiation, et cetera. But if there is one universe, there HAS to be one way to connect it all if we're going to have one answer.

    Here's the bottom line:

    Right now, once and for all - if you're for the Big Bang, state your case. If you hate, debunk it.
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    Since the arguments for and against BB can be found all over the internet, I see no reaso to re-hash them here.
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