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Biochemist? anyone who knows about blood?

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    I have some 40 doses of frozen blood plasma from different people, I have to study the optics of wholeblood. Is it possible to just mix it with (lets say 40%) of fresh red blood cells. Will this do any harm the the biochemistry?

    In that case
    What if I'll do it by my self? just letting the blood cells fall to the bottom of the vial at seperate it. Will this change ex. proteins in the plasma?
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    I don't know what it might do to optics, but in order to obtain plasma, more than just the red cells are removed. But, also, the blood is treated with additives when it is separated to prevent other parts of the plasma matrix from forming clots with the red cells (if the blood is allowed to clot, then what's left is serum, not plasma).

    Though, you'd probably have to add some sort of anticoagulant to work with whole blood too, otherwise it'll start coagulating in the vial within minutes.
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    I know that blood contains more than just plasma and red bloodcells., but only need to mix red blood cells and plasma. does this work with a anticoalating substrat or is the blood doing seveere chemistry when its done
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    Andy Resnick

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    Can you provide more detail on "study the opitcs of whole blood"? To what end? What information are you trying to extract? What method are you using?
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    well i am doing Raman spectroscopy and chemometric in a quantitative investigation of a protein. We will try to do it non invasive, but first we will build a model for quantification in whole blood. therefor its critical that my plasma sample has some turbidity like whole blood. We have very little chemical og biological experience ;) only physics
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