What is Biochemist: Definition and 31 Discussions

Biochemists are scientists who are trained in biochemistry.

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    Biochemist -- Is isotope ratio unique for each trophic level?

    Hello As far as I know, the reaction velocity depends on the isotope ("kinetic isotope effect"). So, is the isotope ratio (for example, for Nitrogen or Carbon isotopes) dependent on the trophic level? Thank you for your time. Regards, Alvaro.
  2. S

    Can a biochemist become a physicist?

    I am currently 22 years old, I graduated in Biochemistry and am now finishing my Master's in Bioengineering and Nanosystems, both with high grades. I've been thinking of leaving life sciences since I've rediscovered my passion for Physics (and Philosophy). Having some background on classical...
  3. C

    Building a device for RF transmission/detection

    Hi Physics Forums, I'm a biochemist whose electronics experience is limited to resonant RLC circuits. I have been tasked with building a device that essentially acts as an RF antenna. In transmit mode, this device must create a sine wave of specific frequency (current plan is 40.05 MHz)...
  4. G

    How does an electromagnetic wave propagate in space?

    I am a biochemist and so my physics knowledge is limited. But for a long time I have been wondering on how exactly the electromagnetic field associated with a single photon propagates in space. I understand (using a cartesian image of the electric and magnetic field change) the oscillating...
  5. K

    Is a Suit Necessary for Presenting at Physics Conferences?

    I'm going to be attending and presenting at my first large physics conference this spring. I'm trying to get my dad to help me buy a suit for the day I present. However, my dad (an experienced biochemist) refuses, not because of money, but because he claims "nobody ever wears suits to those...
  6. N

    Chemistry Is Biochemistry a Secure Field for Job Outsourcing?

    For those of you familiar with my last post was about the career stuff. well i narrowed it down to biochemist. this part is just for fun and unrelated project that is already finished. i just want to know if biochemistry is a good field to go into for both academic careers and industry.
  7. B

    Engineering Making up my mind for engineering and my future career.

    I have been at battle with myself for the past year trying to find myself and find what it is that really fires me up inside. I recently got interested in engineering. More specifically mechanical engineering. I have two friends, one a Chem E and the other Mech E. The ME loves his job and works...
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    Schools Is taking trigonometry and college algebra at the same time a bad idea?

    My professor is advising me against this. Also my friend who is an ME is advising against this as well. I am not sure why. I enjoy math and grasp the concepts pretty fast. A little history, I was a nursing major, but soon realized I wanted more than that. I was then torn between becoming a...
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    Is it worth being a scientist these days

    Hello everyone, I've always wondered what it would like to be a biochemist or physicist, since both fields have fascinated me ever since i was 7. 5 years later, after seeing numerous post on this forum and about 4 others I've began to question my desire to be a scientist. I'd like to hear some...
  10. D

    Calculus vs. algebra based phyics 2 (electricity and magnetism)

    I am a biochemistry major and I need to take the first two introductory physics courses as a prerequisite to physical chemistry. I can take regular pchem, which requires calculus based physics or pchem for biochemists, which only requires the algebra based physics. With the way my university...
  11. H

    Transfer to Engineering from 2nd year science

    Sup everybody... so I've created this account after deciding that lurking around for solutions to my Calculus homework isn't the sole benefit of this forum. So, the problem is that I'm going into a Biochem major next year (2nd year) at UBC which the original intent of apply for the Pharmacy...
  12. A

    Biology Navigating the Path to Cryobiology: Advice for College Students

    I am currently a college student and am very interested in becoming a cryobiologist someday. Particularly, I would like to work on organ preservation or something similar. I just have a few questions regarding what path I should take to get there. Any advice by scientists working in this field...
  13. C

    Is Fear of Incompatibility Driving Scientists Away from Non-Scientist Partners?

    Whenever I have a girlfriend I always feel ashamed to tell about her to my parents. I am also afraid of marriage. It seems like if it gets to this point the life will be over. I could never properly explain to any of my girls why is it I am afraid of these things. Just recently I was in a...
  14. M

    The Amazing Spider-Man: Has Parker Finally Found Happiness?

    Any readers around here? Just wanted to see who on PF likes good ol' whining Parker, though as of late, he seems unusually happy, which is well, just plain weird. If anybody kept reading up until JMS' run and gave up because the stories just felt uninspired or because they though OMD and BND...
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    How Can We Reconnect with Nature as Scientists?

    The job of a physicist is to study nature, but how many actually get out and experience nature? It seems that the more professional someone becomes, the less interested they are in actually enjoying the things they study - it all becomes about data and graphs and lab work. How many...
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    Programs Can a molecular biology major do NMR?

    I am a junior molecular biology major. I plan to go into graduate school and currently my #1 topic of interest is using solid state NMR to determine molecular structure. I am doing research on the unrelated topic of bacteriophage genomics but do not want to change labs because I am well...
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    Hurray A well deserved win for a great book

    Biochemist and author Nick Lane has won this year's Royal Society Science Book Prize for Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11595847 Too bad there won't be any further winners though...
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    HELP ME, trapped in Aristotelian conception but must learn quantum physics

    So I went to St. Andrews University with the unbelievably stupid idea that I would be able to "handle" their physics. My university, reading only the course description, thought that fourth semester physics was equivalent to Baylor's second semester physics. I soon realized that they only...
  19. A

    Licensing for Clinical Labs: Who Can Open & Operate?

    im Egyptian chemist and microbiologist and i want to ask who is the person that have license to open clinical laboratory and make the experiments in clinical lab in egypt the law give license to chemists or biochemists if they take post graduated diploma of biochemistry after bsc to...
  20. T

    Value of Herbal/Chemical Medicine

    Is there any advantage, from a chemist's or biochemist's view, to herbal medicine. I know that chemical medications are often simply extractions of the chemicals of a plant that can be used to address the symptoms of a specific range of illnesses. Is there any proven or theoretical biochemical...
  21. B

    Becoming a scientist/physician

    I saw on a few documentaries people with titles like "Physician and biochemist" or "Physician and neuroscientist". I've been planning on becoming some kind of scientist but I won't be able to get government funding for all my projects so it would be nice to have a steady income like that of a...
  22. N

    Plot graph of points with known inter distances

    Greetings, I am a biochemist/bioinformatician. I have a bunch of clusters, of which I have already calculated all their respective (euclidean) inter distances, from centroid to centroid. I need to plot a graph with these clusters for visual inspection and publication. My problem is how to...
  23. L

    Mission to Mars? - Explorers Wanted

    The next frontier: MARS! Ok, so the moon would probably be good too, but I want to talk about what kind of people NASA would want to send to Mars. In Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, the optimal explorers are four married couples with varied expertise including: an astrogator...
  24. S

    Studying Are There Research Process Books Tailored for Physical Sciences Students?

    I am working on my masters (eventually PhD). I consider myself quite organized and pedantic, yet I find tasks such as literature searches and esp. documenting them just very intimidating. I found somethings online like articles and stuff on such issues, but is there a book on it. Like...
  25. A

    Finding ΔG and K for a given redox reaction

    Homework Statement Redox reaction: B-hydroxybutarate + 1/2O2 -> acetoacetate + H2O Half reaction 1: O2 + 4H+ + 4e- -> 2H2O (E = +0.816 V) Half reaction 2: acetoacetate + 2H+ + 2e- -> B-hydroxybutarate (E = -0.346 V) Using standard reduction potentials given, calculate ΔG calculate the...
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    Biochemist? anyone who knows about blood?

    Hello I have some 40 doses of frozen blood plasma from different people, I have to study the optics of wholeblood. Is it possible to just mix it with (lets say 40%) of fresh red blood cells. Will this do any harm the the biochemistry? In that case What if I'll do it by my self? just...
  27. L

    Programs Bioengineering, Biochemist, Molecular Biology & Nanotechnology: Majors & Jobs

    Hello. I have a few questions as to the differences in some specific fields along with majoring differences. Can you please help me describe some sample jobs, and correct me on my descriptions. Bioengineering: modifying the genetic structure to give certain characterics to i.e. plants...
  28. I

    What to do with a BS in biology?

    I about to graduate in 1 year (I have just finished my Junior year). So what next? I'm unsure... For this discussion (consider that I am NOT going to medical school). By the time I graduate I will have a --say-- 3.5 or 3.4 GPA. Money is not important, but I would like Career that pays well...
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    Biotechnology/Biochemistry study tips

    Hi everyone, I usually see people asking for self-study tips or more physics and engineering tips. Well I was wondering if some of the Biochemists could help me out. I am currently applied to a Biotechnology program in the second year. Since Biotechnology takes heavily from Biochemistry I was...
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    If you're thinking of marrying a biochemist

    Think twice. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2007/12/12/4721388-ap.html LOS ANGELES - A biochemist who killed her husband by knocking him out and pouring hydrochloric acid on him was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder. A Superior Court jury found Larissa Schuster, 47, of Clovis...