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Biochemistry at UBC or Waterloo?

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    I got offer from both science faculty at UBC and University of Waterloo for undergraduate studies. The program i applied for at waterloo is called "Science and Business" and it's co-op mandatory which I really like because many people told me that working experience is more important than academic studies. How is UBC's co-op programs? Is it hard to get in?

    I am planning on going into biochemistry or related field, and after that I want to maybe take a year or two off working, then go back for further education and maybe become a doctor. But this is not 100% sure yet and I might change my mind later on. I'm just wondering which school is better? I have heard that it's really hard to find a decent job with a bachelor degree in science. So will a strong co-op program help me?
    And is it easy to switch to engineering faculty from Science faculty for both schools? Is it hard to get into medical schools or such from engineering?

    Something else is that I am Asian but I don't like hanging out with Asians only and it is really hard when there are so many Asians. Also I live in White Rock which is about an hour drive to downtown Vancouver. I really love big cities. I really hope someone can help me with my problems!!!!
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    I will tell you right now and this is coming from someone who knows about UBC.

    If you plan to go to UBC Vancouver in Science, expect ALOT ALOT of Asians. I am not even kidding you.

    I do not know anything about Waterloo
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