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Engineering Bioengineering as a field for a PhD

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    Good Evening and Happy New Year to all.

    I haven't posted in a little while but have been discussing an idea a friend of mine has had recently. She's a Physics Bsc graduate in the UK and is taking a look at Bioengineering as a field for a PhD - one of the department she's in contact with just now actually filter/accept students before deciding on a PhD subject area which seems a little iffy but i guess it's to do with the conversion required as a physicist.

    I'd like to know if anyone has experience of moving to an area such as this from physics - and if it, for instance, limits ones prospects of moving into medical physics later on in their career. From the little I know about this field, i'm imagining the answers to those questions will depend on the PhD subject matter.

    Other than that, I've never really come across bioengineering as a research entity at universities before, what are you experiences with this vs industrial jobs?

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    Re: Bioengineering

    Most of the biomedical engineers I know specialize in MRI. One did a master's degree in BME and then moved into medical physics for a PhD, so it is possible. Others have done PhDs in BME and then moved into medical physics departments as MRI specialists. Some simply remained BME researchers - did post-docs and went into academic positions.

    Outside of the MRI subfield, it may be a little different.
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