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    Quality of imaging in fluoroscopy

    Homework Statement Explain the effect expected on the quality of imaging if an X-ray fluoroscope system is adjusted so that it: a) uses higher kilo voltage b) reduces the dose-rate to the detector and c) delivers radiation in pluse rather than continuously Homework Equations The Attempt at...
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    Protein melt temp/half life relation?

    Is anyone familiar with a way to determine the half-life of a protein from its melt temperature (Tm)? It seems like there ought to be some sort of correlation, be it theoretical or empirical.
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    Programs Personal: Engineering Physics vs Other Engineering Majors

    Hello All, I am 26 years old and am currently enrolled at a CC in NYC. I have had a long and obscure path through life so far which has led me to discover my calling back within the academic realm. A little about myself, I did poorly in high school because I invested all of my time with...
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    Paper about application of ADuCM350

    Does anyone have papers or journals describing the application of ADuCM350 ? Thanks for your information.
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    Engineering Biomedical Engineering vs. Bioinformatics

    Which of these fields would allow one to make a bigger impact on treatment of mental illnesses? What about neurological disorders? And if you could also explain why that would be great, Thanks!
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    Engineering Materials Engineering vs Biomaterials Engineering

    Hello everyone, I am currently enrolled in a Materials Engineering course, but I recently found out that I might be allowed to switch to Biomaterials Engineering, which sounds a bit more appealing to me, since, at the moment, I am interested in a career in the pharmaceutical sector. However...
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    Programs Best Undergrad degree for Biomedical engineer

    Hi, I am currently a junior in college majoring in civil engineering. I want to switch my major so I can get into a ph.d program for biomedical engineering. I've read the three best majors to get into biomedical engineering are electrical, mechanical, and chemical. Chemical engineering sounds...
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    What is a current case study about the cri du chat syndrome?

    Examples of recent studies and tests on this genetic disorder, preferably done in Canada?