What is Bioengineering: Definition and 22 Discussions

Biological engineering or
bioengineering is the application of principles of biology and the tools of engineering to create usable, tangible, economically-viable products. Biological engineering employs knowledge and expertise from a number of pure and applied sciences, such as mass and heat transfer, kinetics, biocatalysts, biomechanics, bioinformatics, separation and purification processes, bioreactor design, surface science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and polymer science. It is used in the design of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, biocompatible materials, renewable energy, ecological engineering, agricultural engineering, process engineering and catalysis, and other areas that improve the living standards of societies.
Examples of bioengineering research include bacteria engineered to produce chemicals, new medical imaging technology, portable and rapid disease diagnostic devices, prosthetics, biopharmaceuticals, and tissue-engineered organs. Bioengineering overlaps substantially with biotechnology and the biomedical sciences in a way analogous to how various other forms of engineering and technology relate to various other sciences (such as aerospace engineering and other space technology to kinetics and astrophysics).
In general, biological engineers attempt to either mimic biological systems to create products, or to modify and control biological systems. Working with doctors, clinicians, and researchers, bioengineers use traditional engineering principles and techniques to address biological processes, including ways to replace, augment, sustain, or predict chemical and mechanical processes.

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  1. ZDLewis7163

    Programs Exploring Options for a Bioengineering Major

    Summary: My school does not offer any engineering majors. I am attending university this upcoming fall and I have realized that I more interested in bioengineering than chemistry or biology. The only bad thing is that my university does not offer any engineering degrees. Should I major in...
  2. T

    Quality of imaging in fluoroscopy

    Homework Statement Explain the effect expected on the quality of imaging if an X-ray fluoroscope system is adjusted so that it: a) uses higher kilo voltage b) reduces the dose-rate to the detector and c) delivers radiation in pluse rather than continuously Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  3. NukeyFox

    Engineering What Jobs are Available in Bioengineering?

    Hi, I'm an A-levels student right now, and I have a hard time deciding on my major after my course. Right now, I have a focus on bioengineering, and my parents support this decision thinking I'll build an Ironman suit and cure cancer. However, I want to know what is the field is actually like...
  4. P

    Protein melt temp/half life relation?

    Is anyone familiar with a way to determine the half-life of a protein from its melt temperature (Tm)? It seems like there ought to be some sort of correlation, be it theoretical or empirical.
  5. X

    Programs Personal: Engineering Physics vs Other Engineering Majors

    Hello All, I am 26 years old and am currently enrolled at a CC in NYC. I have had a long and obscure path through life so far which has led me to discover my calling back within the academic realm. A little about myself, I did poorly in high school because I invested all of my time with...
  6. I

    Paper about application of ADuCM350

    Does anyone have papers or journals describing the application of ADuCM350 ? Thanks for your information.
  7. M

    Engineering Biomedical Engineering vs. Bioinformatics

    Which of these fields would allow one to make a bigger impact on treatment of mental illnesses? What about neurological disorders? And if you could also explain why that would be great, Thanks!
  8. M

    Engineering Materials Engineering vs Biomaterials Engineering

    Hello everyone, I am currently enrolled in a Materials Engineering course, but I recently found out that I might be allowed to switch to Biomaterials Engineering, which sounds a bit more appealing to me, since, at the moment, I am interested in a career in the pharmaceutical sector. However...
  9. M

    Schools Grad school for Bioengineering with bachelors in CompE?

    Can you get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a computer engineering degree? would you be at a big disadvantage to someone with an electrical engineering degree?
  10. M

    Programs Best Undergrad degree for Biomedical engineer

    Hi, I am currently a junior in college majoring in civil engineering. I want to switch my major so I can get into a ph.d program for biomedical engineering. I've read the three best majors to get into biomedical engineering are electrical, mechanical, and chemical. Chemical engineering sounds...
  11. L

    What is a current case study about the cri du chat syndrome?

    Examples of recent studies and tests on this genetic disorder, preferably done in Canada?
  12. N

    Biochemistry Undergrad to Bioengineering PHD

    Hey! So I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and I was originally considering medical school but after studying the horrible mcat for 3 years, I decided I had enough of that. Furthermore, I really lost interest in any aspect of patient work. However what has always interested me since I was a...
  13. I

    Can We Create Artificial Organs that Outperform Natural Ones?

    I watched an episode of Vsauce just now and something in the video got me thinking, our organs are vulnerable to diseases and malfunction and with the advancement of technology and biology I wondered if in the near future we might be able to make lungs, kidneys, hearts etc that can do a better...
  14. jbrussell93

    Bioengineering -> applied math?

    Bioengineering ----> applied math? I'm a biological engineering major, minoring in math. I certainly will be looking at going to graduate school but I'm not yet sure for which field. My goal right now is to keep my options open for both for as long as possible. Lately I have been thinking about...
  15. P

    Mechanical vs. Electrical engineering vs. Bioengineering

    Hi, I'm trying to decide between these three majors. I'm in community college right now and plan on transferring next year God willing. I have taken almost all my math, physics, and chem courses and a bio class. I have also taken the following engineering classes at my college to help me...
  16. jbrussell93

    Bioengineering vs Electrical Engineering

    I will be starting my second year in biological engineering in the fall, but I am beginning to question my decision of major. I chose bioengineering because I would love to solve biological problems but was unsure of whether I wanted to go into the more tissue/materials aspect of bioengineering...
  17. jbrussell93

    Biophysics grad with a BS in bioengineering?

    I am interested in going to graduate school for biophysics. I'm currently majoring in biological engineering although I've been considering changing my major to physics. I've been considering the change partly because I feel as though it will better prepare me for biophysics graduate programs...
  18. A

    Programs Can a biology major enter a bioengineering grad program?

    I am in my first year at the university as a Bachelor of the Arts student rather than as an engineering student. Though I may be able to switch in my second year, this isn't likely given the first-year course load in the engineering school. If I were to get the B.A., would I be able to enter a...
  19. F

    Engineering Bioengineering as a field for a PhD

    Good Evening and Happy New Year to all. I haven't posted in a little while but have been discussing an idea a friend of mine has had recently. She's a Physics Bsc graduate in the UK and is taking a look at Bioengineering as a field for a PhD - one of the department she's in contact with...
  20. A

    Quality of undergraduate Bioengineering programs.

    From what I understand, bioengineering (as opposed to biomedical engineering) is a very new undergraduate program/major. For example, I think Caltech only started their undergraduate bioengineering "option" (major) this year. How are the qualities of these programs? I only have one data point so...
  21. A

    Nanotech: physics and materials science or bioengineering?

    The title should give a rough overview of my question. I am going to a liberal arts college (Wesleyan university) and shall take the 3/2 engineering program, which means a double major in physics and some kind of engineering AFTER 3 years and getting my BA in physics. So I should be getting...
  22. D

    Programs Which major? Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering?

    Hi, I am a Senior in HS and I am on the edge of completeing my college apps but I am still not sure what to put as my major... I love biology, but especially on the micro level. For this reason, would love to work/take courses on anything that has to do with either cells, their structures, or...